The Ken February 4, 2019
Attendance: Pat Griffin
Split Club: Audrey Meyers          
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine Master: Tom Lang
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 It is always fun before our meetings as we engage each other in idle chit chat, anticipating the meal of the day. Today, Jovi’s surprised us with chicken Casino. A tad odd but not too bad. We began the meeting with the Pledge, Chuck Patterson led us in singing “America” and Chuck also gave the invocation. Chuck asked that we keep Art Travers in our prayers. Art had some surgery and is expected to be back shortly. Our only guest today was the speaker Gary Steeves of Resurrection Village Ministries. Audrey passed along a message from Rene, marketing director for our Wine Event. The Poster / flyers are finished and will be at the meeting Monday. It is live on our website. Please take a look it at It will also be on the Facebook page. Please like and share to promote this event.
Tom Lang was our Fine Master Today. First confessions were for Super Bowl winnings. Not too many big winners. Gary was fined for groping. I was fined for not knowing how to spell groping. Rick was fined for teasing. There were a few others in there also. In honor of Black History Month, Tom asked us questions on famous African American leaders.
Paul won the split club and John Coogan won a chance at the Ace of Spades. Audrey was expecting a handsome well-dressed John C to pull the chance but turned around to find the little scrawny rug peddler, yours truly. I felt lucky and bought the chance from John. Not a good idea.
At this time, Holly introduced Gary Steeves from Resurrection Village Ministry. Gary started his illustrious career as a Chemist. He has a patent on a product that is in most of our cell phones. Upon reflection, he wanted his life to go in another direction. After much thought, Gary decide he wanted to be a Pastor. He taught himself and was trained and ended up in Buffalo with the RVM on the East Side. The problems they have identified are: 83.8% non-white, poverty level is 39.5%, 24.4% are in fair to poor health, obesity is over 80%, no local healthcare providers and no local fitness facilities or parks. Their solution is to provide professional health and well-being resources through synergistic partnerships (including professional health care providers) and creative grassroots programs. The Resurrection Village believes individual well-being leads to community well-being. This man was born to be a pastor. He mesmerized the entire audience. Great program.
Meeting adjourned