The Ken August 26, 2019
Attendance: Phil Michalowski
Split Club: Ron Levea
Fine Master: Mike Austin
Invocation: John Coogan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge.  We had a light crowd so Donna waived the song. Our guest today was Zoey Griffin, fresh from RYLA. Holly thanked everyone who helped out with Sunshine Day last week. It was another success. We have some ideas that we will implement for next year.  Art announced he and Barb are celebrating their 50 year anniversary. Shred It is all set for 10/12. There will not be a meeting Monday September 2.
Art won the split club and Paul C. missed the Ace.
Mike Austin took over as the fine master. Art donated for his anniversary. Paul and Sue contributed for missing Sunshine Day. Holly told Mike that I suggested to her son, Will, that he should join the necking club at school.  Can’t believe he told on me. Last time I give him advice. Mike A confessed to shooting his lowest round of golf at Niagara Falls Country Club. Witnessed by John Coogan, Jim Logan and Paul Chisolm. Phil moved his daughter to Charlotte, NC and witnessed as she was presented her boots and uniform and was sworn in as a Sheriff for Mecklenburg County. Mike quizzed us on Labor Day fun facts.
Larry asked Zoe to come up and give a few words on her RYLA experience. She really enjoyed it. They spent a lot of time with corporate games, getting them used to life in that arena.  Larry then gave us an overview on the bread fruit project ( Larry and Char visited a Rotary Club in Chicago and presented them a check from Fiona’s son for $500 that his Interact club raised for this project. Also, keep in mind our Greenway Trail Hike is Thursday 9/12. We will finalize the details at our September 9 meeting.
Meeting adjourned.