The Ken April 15, 2019
Attendance: Bill Brucker
Split Club: Mike Austin
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Chuck led us in signing “God Bless America” John gave our invocation. Guests were: Chris Pilozzi, Lisa Freeman, Melisa Di Francesco, Donna’s daughter, Pat’s wife Linda Griffin and her sister, Karen Battaglia and Matt Dewitt.
Gary began our Armenian Raffle. We are selling 50, $10 changes to win a $200 gift card. This will help us raise money to purchase a special gift for the Wine Event. To be continued. Dick announced the Shred – It event was a record haul. We grossed $10,800. He thanked all who helped out. Rene announced that the Wine Event sponsors are accumulating. We are at $11,000. The Riviera took a table. They sold 21 tickets that brings the tickets sold to 210. Baskets are down. Donna reminded us there is no meeting in honor of Easter. Then the next 2 meetings will be at the Dome for Student Recognition. Pat Griffin, club secretary, announced the board will be 2 light for next year and that we need someone to be president elect. Donna mentioned that Dick H has agreed step up. Thank you Dick.
Dick H won the split club and Mike Ford missed the Ace.
Mike came up to be our Fine Master. Mike took confessions from Paul C. Paul missed Shred – It because he was golfing. Paul was fined before confessing due to a rat in the bunch. Dick confessed to leaving Shred – It a tad early to go to a Lamaze type class to prepare for their 2nd child soon to be welcomed into this world. Good luck pale. Mike Austin boasted about more of Maddison’s accomplishments in track and field. Maddison got a first in the high jump and tied for first in the 100 meter. Mike tested us on Masters Tournament knowledge and fined us accordingly.
Mike Introduced Lisa Freeman with Compass House. Lisa is the executive president. The Compass House Emergency Shelter meets the basic needs of runaway and homeless youth ages 12-17 through immediate access to crisis counseling, meals and a temporary place to stay. They are the areas only shelter for both male and female youth. Trained, caring professionals are always on hand to listen and provide support. All services are voluntary, confidential and free. To learn more about what they do and how you can help please contact them Great program
At this time
Meeting adjourned.