The Ken April 30
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Bill Brucker
Invocation:  Tim Glor
Fine master:  Larry Coon
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
President Elect Donna ran our meeting today. She led us off with the Pledge, followed with Tim Glor’s invocation. No song. Guests today; Ken-Ton School Superintendent Stephen Bovino, assistant Super-Intendent John Brucotto and Scott Swan. This is Scott’s 3rd and final club wide announcement for Scott. Scott you are now finable.
Announcements: Rick Graham, gift baskets are coming in but we still need more. Donna reminded us the next 2 meetings will be at the golf dome. Larry has the head count and menu figured out. Larry asked that we mingle and sit with the families and nudge them on what Rotary is about. There was a thank you card for Paula’s Doughnuts for donating the doughnuts at Shred-It. Tom asked for volunteers to be on the Installation of Officers party at Park Country Club. Larry and Char did Slap Shoot up in Ancaster, Ontario this week end. A blast as always. FYI, this is a leadership retreat for kids under the age of our Interact High School kids. Our club sponsored 4 students. The Science Museum was a great success. They had a large “Kenmore Rotary” sign as you walked in.
Larry was fine master today. Mike A. confessed that Madison won U16 Nike soccer Championship. Afterwards she ran in her relay for track. Keep her busy Mike. Tim Glor confessed that his 3 nephews were inducted into the Kenmore East Hall of distinction. Way to go! Holly confessed to slacking. She went on an all-girls vacation somewhere hot. A highlight was a boat ride out to an Island. Sue J’s son scored a defensive goal from the mid field that sent the game into overtime for his LAX team. Said he practiced the shot a ton but it hardly goes in. Perseverance!  Dick H was promoted to activities and summer camp with the Scouts. He assured us he is not pulling Stu on us and will stay here. In honor of our Super Intendant and his colleque, that support our Interact club, Larry tested us about the moneys raised from purple pinky through Interact.
Donna won the split club and Phil missed the Ace.
At this time, Larry introduced our speakers Steve Bovino and John Brucotto. Steve is the Ken-Ton School Superintendent. Steve has been a teacher many years and worked his way up to Super. John also was a teacher, has his law degree and is the CFO for Ken-Ton schools. They encouraged us who can vote to come out on May 15, 7:00 am – 9:00 pm at Hoover Middle to vote for the budget, Board of Education Election and 2 additional referenda’s. One is the annual bus purchase. This will seek to replenish the districts aging fleet. The other is the sale of Phillip Sheridan School, which would save the district the expense of maintaining it while also proving one time revenue. There were many questions addressed from the floor. Very interesting program.
Meeting adjourned.