Split Club: 
Invocation: Tim Glor
Ken Writer: Tim Glor
Finemaster: Larry Coon
April 4, 2016
            President Paul called our meeting to order at 12:39.  After we pledged our allegiance to the flag Chuck Patterson led us in the singing of “God Bless America”.  Tim Glor gave the invocation.    
            Damon Piatek and our speaker Christina Schweitzer were introduced as guests.
            Scott Mason announced that we are still looking for volunteers for Shred it which will be held on Saturday April 16th from 10:00 to 2:00 at Kenmore West High School.
            Gary Roberts started the Armenian Raffle which features the raffling of a 32” TV.  Proceeds are to be used for our Wine Tasting Event.  Noticeably absent were any Armenians at today’s meeting.
            Finemaster Larry Coon took a confession from Barb Henry that today is Harold White’s 92nd  birthday.  Happy birthday Harold!
            Mike Austin noted that his tie closely matched the same tie worn by Rick Graham.  Brian Ahern confessed to a trip accompanied with a beautiful woman to Saratoga.  President Paul confessed to relying on his son’s Carl help in bringing a projector to the meeting.
            Larry then quizzed our membership to a game of Name that Tune.
            The split club was won by Jim Pritchard. Michaelena could not draw the Ace of Spades.
            Paul introduced our speaker Christina Schweitzer who currently is the Director of Employment Services for the Salvation Army on Main Street.
            The goal of the Salvation Army is to get people who have been struggling back into the work force.  In cases of those who have had long term unemployment job readiness training is necessary.  Employment counseling, job search, and the use of technology especially as it pertains to the making of resumes is used to help these people get employed.
            Many local companies and educations facilities such as NCCC, Delaware North, West Side Ministries, TSA, Rich Products, the United Way, Key Bank, First Niagara, UB, and Canisius have offered their services and on the job training to help the Salvation Army in the  training of those who are in need.
            In training these future employees the Salvation Army is trying to reach success, opportunity, education, and leadership for those people.  As usual it is nice to hear about the Salvation Army’s accomplishments.
            Our meeting was adjourned at 1:30.