The Ken April 26
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Bill Brucker
Invocation:  Tim Glor
Fine master:  Larry Coon
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting with the Pledge. I was asked to lead us in song. My feelings were hurt when a sudden gasp was heard through the crowd. We sang “God Bless America”. Tim Glor gave our invocation.
Guests today were; Rebecca Henderson and Lynn Bachman with Clothe Me, Scott Parker from the Colorado Rotary Club, Theona Beretto of Amherst Rotary, and our new member to be, Scott Swan. Let this be the 2nd of the required 3 club wide notifications for Scott.
Tom was glad to see that Paul C actually unloaded a box at Shred-It. Dick H Thanked everyone that helped out with Shred-It. He passed the compliments of a good job onto his team, but it takes a great leader to ignite the team. We grossed $8K. Rick G acknowledged the Wine event is getting close. Sponsors, please pay. We could use 30-40 more people, so sell tickets. Dawn is asking for about 20 more baskets. Audrey suggested to me to go online for basket ideas. Saturday will be Rotary Day at the Science Museum. Remember to have your Rotary Card. You can go at any time. Holly has a Fashion Show coming up. I’ll get you the details as they become available. We have 1 more meeting at Jovi’s then 2 at the Golf Dome for the student awards. We will need a head count and a menu to give them. We will have the 4th of July party again and will help man the hole in one contest at Sheridan again. Details will follow. Larry announced Slap Shot will be this week end in Ancaster, Ontario. There are still openings. Also, Our Rotary District is having group meetings at ECC city campus May 5. Paul wanted to make sure Phil M’s $20 contribution went to Shred-It. Lastly, our guest, Theona announced Amherst Rotary is having a Sproctoberfest May 23 at Park Country Club. Contact Amherst Rotary Club for the details.
Larry Coon was fine master. Larry missed Shred-It because Char was in the hospital. Larry announce everything is going to be Ok but Char will have a little recovery. He thanked everyone for their inquiries. Mike F confessed to taking his flag football on the road to Canton. OH where they lost the Championship game in overtime. Rick tattle taled that Paul was way overdressed Saturday at Shred-It. $1 to Paul but $10 to Rick for being a bully. Ted and Janel celebrated the end of tax season by traveling to Warsaw to pick up their new Golden Retriever. Tom got a deferral for wearing sunglasses to start our meeting. Larry startled us by announcing our fine topic today was to find out about our pee. It turned out it was PE for President elect Donna. Donna went to Mt. St. Mary’s High School, graduated in 1980 likes to garden and sew. She has 2 sons, 2 daughters and a grandchild. I feel like I’m profiling her eHarmony site. BTW Donna, you and Pat should talk more.
Art won the split club and I missed the Ace.
Renee Rebmann introduced our speaker today. Rebecca Henderson is president and CEO of Clothe Me Coop. CMC exists for the sole purpose of blessing WNY families with low cost, gently used and new children’s clothing, shoes & other infant and child items. They are affiliated with the Kenmore Alliance Church at 175 Bonnet in the Town of Tonawanda. This co-op has grown and is continuing to grow at a great pace. Great program.
Meeting adjourned.