The Ken August 27, 2018

Attendance: Ron Levea

Split Club: Gary Roberts

Invocation: John Coogan

Fine Master: Mike Ford

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting with the Pledge and Cathy led us in “God Bless America”. John Coogan gave our invocation. Cathy Piciulo was present as her third notice for membership. No guests. Gary Has the Edward M. Cotter fireboat lined up for September 19 at5:30. Please be there no later than 5:15. It holds 35 people. Dinner will follow at the Saturn Club. $50 for both or $30 for just dinner. We are keeping it to members and significant others for now. We will open it up to guests if there is room. Signup sheets will be at the meetings or contact Gary. Cathy pitched the Ken Ton Chamber Golf Outing September 13 at Glen Oaks Golf Course. We have heard great things about this course under new ownership.

Mike Ford took the floor as fine master. Art has a new puppy and he was in the news and was on TV. Must be a special puppy. Scott Swan missed a few meetings. Scott and Julie had their second child. A boy named Elliott. Congratulation Scott and Julie. Ted gave happy dollars for a good report from his surgeon that his foot is mending real well. Jim thanked Mike Hettler for organizing past presidents badges. These should be worn with honor for your contributions to our club. Tim Glor’s youngest son got engaged. Paul’s son and daughter-in-law just completed negotiations on a new house. Mike Hetler’s son, Brian had a prize winning article a map presentation. Very interesting read. Here is a link to that article

Mike Ford won the split club and Ed H missed the Ave.

Donna had an opened meeting. Shred – It is set for 10/13. Donna has all the committees organized and will send to the membership. Donna, I’m not sure DOC’s is working for all. If you want to send it to me I can email it to the membership. The wine and cheese evet is being tweaked a tad. Holly is deciding to chair this and hoping Audrey can assist her. Gary has a good handle on this too. Please get involved to dilute the responsibilities. All great events start with a large committee. There will be a new venue this year. We may work with a Charity to help us. Gary also gave an overview of the direction Operation Santa is going. We will be partnering with the Knights and the Fire Department. Gary will ask one of the guys from the Fire Department to come in and give us the details. Thanks for spearheading this Gary. Time was running out, I’m sure there was more to discuss. No meeting next week.

Meeting adjourned