The Ken August 5, 2019

Attendance: Cathy Piciulo

Split Club: Ron Levea

Fine Master: Mike Austin

Invocation: Tim Glor

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting with the Pledge. Chuck led us off singing “God Bless America”. Our guest today is Joana Fejzaj.

Announcements: Chuck has the elections for the Foundation set for 8/19. Pat and Donna came up with Thursday September 12 for our Green Way Trail exposure walk. The walk is to make our residents know this is there for their recreation. Please start thinking of anyone who would like to hike with us. We are working out the details but I’m sure it’ll be a blast after. We’ll meet at the Intermodal Hub and walk to Isle View County Park 2.3 miles, and for those who want to extend it to Grand Island Bridge 3.3 miles, you may. I challenge Audrey and Chris to a race (of course I get a 10 second / mile / year older I am as a handicap). We should make book whoever wants in to raise a little $$$. Larry asked about the Peace Bridge event. It appears this ties into Rotary or service clubs etc. Our team is looking into if this is something we want to participate in. Holly has Sunshine Day all set for Wednesday 8/114. Pat has gourmet lunches for those committing their time.

Chuck won the split club and missed the Ace.

Mike Austin was fine master. Confessions: Gerry Gentile bragged about his beautiful 4th grandchild. Jim Logan says hi from Brian Ahern and gave our club $20 for our kitty. What a class act. Always. Mike Ford is back in the work force. That’s great Mike. They’ll be lucky to have you. Tim Glor returned from Arlington, VA for a bridal shower. They attended our National Cemetery and witnessed the changing of the guard. Very impressive. Donna paid $5 for her wedding anniversary. Mike proceeded to test us on Erie County Fair trivia.

At this time we had the pleasure to have Joana Fejzaj pitch in for Leo Nupolu-Johnson’s program on the Liberian Learning Center. Joana spent her youth in war torn Liberia. She immigrated to Canada and took advantage of the wonderful opportunities there to learn, especially with the amount of books that are available. The only books she had access to, were government issued. They are looking to raise money to provide part of the infrastructure and services that Liberia requires to achieve its educational development goals, a coalition of partners in Canada and Liberia, led by Empowerment Squared, has created a vision for the Liberian Learning Center. Please visit them at to learn more. Joana was a fabulous presenter that knew her topic well.

Meeting adjourned