The Ken December 10, 2018
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Sue Jandzinski             
Invocation: Rick Graham
Fine Master: Mike Austin
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting at 12:45 to a full house with the Pledge. Upon better judgement, Donna waived our song for we were without qualified pitch. Dick introduced today’s only guest, our speaker, Brian Pearson.
Donna still has hats and T- shirts. Please, if you ordered one, pick it up and pay for it. Operation Santa raised $1,145 and the mystery auction the night of our party added another $730. We were able to present a check in the amount of $1,875 for Operation Santa. Please bring any gifts to the Kenmore Fire Department on Nash in Kenmore. Donna read a letter, from an annual donor at the Christmas Party, that we helped many years ago who fell on hard times. Donna also read a letter from Joe Starck jr.’s boss, Ron Rassman, from Great Lakes Towing. Ron wrote that he knew how much this event was a part of Joe, that he wanted to contribute $200. Gary Roberts spoke to Carol and she knows how hard we work on this program. Please remember, you can make contributions to Operation Santa in Joe Starck’s name.
Rick Graham went over the recipients of funds from our Foundation. That list was sent out in a previous email. It is a good feeling that we can help a lot of people with our efforts in our Club.
Mike Austin was fine master.  No confessions. Last week Mike jinxed the Sabres by asking Sabres trivia. This week Mike gave us Santa’s trivia. He’s hoping he doesn’t jinx Christmas.
Gary Roberts pulled his # twice to win the split club but missed the Ace.
Joe Arcara introduced Brian Pearson, president of Valuation Advisors, LLC. Valuation Advisors, LLC conducts valuations of privately held businesses for a wide range of financial and tax transactions. Including mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift taxes, fairness opinions, shareholder disputes, matrimonial issues, buy/sell agreements, incentive compensation plans and various other employee, tax and litigation matters. Brian’s program went over so if you would like to know more about him and VA, LLC, contact him at
Meeting adjourned