The Ken December 17, 2018
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Sue Jandzinski             
Invocation: Rick Graham
Fine Master: Mike Austin
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting at 12:45 with the Pledge. Chuck led us in singing “America” and Rick gave our invocation. We had visiting Grand Island Rotarian, Sherry Miller as a guest. Mike Archambault came later to present.
Larry thanked our guest Sherry for coming in and for all her effort with the Grand Island Interact Club. Kenmore West was having their Interact Christmas Party today. Larry was a little skittish on the details as if he was embarrassed that we may want to come. I suggested that we clean up our distribution list where the “Ken”, our meeting invites and our general communications go. Ron is not getting the “Ken” or invites. TBD.
Mike came up as fine master. Sue received a call from Colvin Cleaners to donate about 50 coats. Rick Graham’s grandson won the hockey tournament at school. Pat Griffin is back to being employed. He drives in circles. Tom Lang was fined because Mike was happy to have him here. Paul was fined for a Ho – tie. Mike went around the room with fact or fiction. Ed M. missed the Ace and Mike Ford won the split club. Gerry won the box of chocolates that I unfortunately did not get who gifted them.
Our speaker today was Mike Archambault. I have no idea who this guy was. Evidently most did so I didn’t want to be embarrassed and ask. There was no introduction. Nevertheless he thanked us for our $2,100 donation to operation Santa. The pieces are starting to come together. He was either a volunteer fire man or was with the Knights of Columbus. He wanted to invite us to party. But the party was last week. Really nice man and mentioned this program started 21 years ago. Then he started to cry about a nice gesture a couple of cops did. Pat G chimed in about how mean this particular officer was. I guess I better start sitting closer to the front.
Merry Christmas. No meeting until January 7, 2019
Meeting adjourned