The Ken December 2, 2019
Attendance: Tim Glor
Split Club: Bill Brucker  
Fine Master: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: John Coogan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge, no song and John Coogan gave our invocation.
There were no guests.
Donna began our meeting to a resounding “Hi Ed” to Cousin Eddie whose schedule prevents him from attending Monday meetings. Great to see you in the house Eddie. Chuck mentioned that requests for grant money are being evaluated. Pat Griffin found an AP for your mobile devise that shows Rotary meetings times and places throughout the world. Get that to me Pat and I’ll post it. Brandon has it and got him to a meeting in Texas.
Ed Hacherl won the split club and Donna missed the Ace.
Before Paul Chisolm asked for confessions he gave us a check for Operation Santa from an annual donner. He made use of OS at one point in his life and is forever grateful. Rick Graham was fined for bringing a bottle of wine for Operation Santa party. Paul’s explanation was that he didn’t bring one for him. Eddie was fined for missing some meetings. Pat G was fined for squealing on Ed. Ed paid $20 happy dollars just because he missed us. Ed Hacherl is merging his company with Joe Arcara’s. Chuck and Mary Kay visited Mary Kay’s daughter in Boston. They had dinner with Brian and Pat Ahern. Of course came home with a loaf of homemade bread. Paul went around the room and we all shared our Thanksgiving Day. The common theme was that we are all very thankful and spent the Holiday with loved ones and friends.
There wasn’t a speaker today so meeting adjourned.