The Ken December 3, 2018
Attendance: Sue Jandzinski
Split Club: Dick Hanaburgh          
Invocation: Rick Graham
Fine Master: Mike Austin
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting at 12:45 to a full house with the Pledge. Cathy led us in “God Bless America”. Rick Graham gave our invocation and asked that we keep Joe Starck and Dick Van Slyke in our prayers. 2 outstanding Rotarians that have passed away. Our only guest today was Robin Selino, our speaker.
There was a Wine Event planning meeting after this meeting. Audrey, Holly and Rene are running a very large committee with some wonderful tweaks. I am real impressed with all of our young members input and enthusiasm. This should be a successful event. Tim Glor saw that past member Arnie Mortinson’s wife passed away. Donna thanked Paul for bringing split club tickets today. She also thanked everyone who attended our Christmas Party. That was a blast bidding on blind gifts. We had a lot of fun. There is still time to make a donation in someone’s name for operation Santa. Eli’s church is having a coat, hat and glove drive. Let Donna know if you have anything that Eli’s new congregation can have.
Mike Austin was the fine master. Paul and Mike Ford were exempt for all the hassles they have had to put up with from pass fine masters. Cathy confessed to either wining a dinning for a year pass or was selling chances to win a dinning for a year pass. To be clarified. Larry just arrived and was barking out something from the food line as if he was in his own kitchen. Rick Graham’s grandson won their first hockey game at the prep school he attends. Phil M had a couple of confessions. First, his son and wife are expecting Phil’s 3rd grandchild. Phil ran a half marathon and the Turkey Trot and lastly, Phil is about to re-join the Volunteer Fire Department after a 12 year absence. Dick H is expecting his 2nd child. Mike fined Holly, Cathy and Mike Ford for some shenanigans at the Christmas Party. Sounds like there was some collusion on the bidding for gifts. Mike Austin, a 10 year season ticket holder was happy to do Sabres trivia on their 10 game winning streak.
I won the split club and Jim Logan missed the Ace.
Joe Arcara introduced our speaker, Robin Selino. Robin is a colleque of Joes at Arcara, Zucarelli, Lend and Associates, Robin is the senior tax manager and gave a wonderful overview as to what to expect with this year’s new tax laws. One could sense the anxiety in Robin’s presentation. She admitted it is because the IRS is not even close to having the forms and dialogue in place yet and tax season is right around the corner. As you would expect, the meeting went over. So many questions. For a more detailed explanation, hire her. She was awesome.
Meeting adjourned