The Ken December 9, 2019
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Bill Brucker    
Fine Master: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: John Coogan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the Pledge, no song and John Coogan gave our invocation.
Larry introduced our guests today. We had Dominique Eubanks, our Youth Exchange applicant. Skylar Stachalska who is using a Rotary initiative as her school project. Skylar had her mom and dad, Nicole Stachalska and Kenny Corp.
Donna thanked all who attended our Christmas Party. It was a blast and we raised $1,840 for operation Santa. The Knights of Columbus and the Kenmore Fire Department will receive this and dole it out to several of our neighbors to help them enjoy the Holidays. Donna announce Barbara Tucker with Cardinal O’Hara was doing something 12/11 at 7:00.
Chuck Patterson gave a summary on the recipients of our Foundations Grants. They are:
African Malaika International, $1,500 for a mobile Health Bus
Buffalo Veterans Court, $1,000
Early Act of Amherst Rotary Club something for Bread Fruit solar Dryers
Elmlawn Memorial Park received $1,500 for trees
GNFC Boy Scouts $6,000 for a cabin
Summit Center, $8,000 for 4 classrooms
Kenmore Rotary Charities, $5,000. For future projects
We should all feel proud of the ability to offer this kind of assistance for our community.
Rick Graham gave an overview of our Foundation. It has grown to $847,951. This year we had gains of 14% under the watchful eye of some very talented investors. Mike Hettler added the value of donations to out Foundation.
Paul Chisolm won the split club and john Coogan missed the Ace of spades.
Fine Master Paul Chisolm took confessions. Mike Hettler was in Florida over the weekend. Donna was at the opening Bandits game where we won and had a great time. The only fine was for not attending the Christmas Party.
Larry introduced our speakers in a rambling but rather charming manor. Dominique’s mother is a recovering addicts coach. Her Father works for CXS and was a professional Hockey player in Europe. Dominique applied for the Student Exchange program. This will be spread over 2 of our fiscal periods. Dominique is a senior at Ken West. Shas always dreamed of traveling abroad. She hopes to go to Japan, Taiwan or France. They cannot pick. A destination is assigned. She wants to learn the language and make international friends. She is trying to find host families for her counterpart here. Next was Skyler. She is a junior at Ken West. She is doing a school project to earn credits on a program near and dear to Rotary, The Bread Fruit Trees. She has studied this issue thoroughly and is quit the authority. She won $500 at junior Shark Tank event that she donated to us. This will be the 4th solar dryer we sent to Haiti. For a meeting slated without a speaker, today’s meeting was full of ideas and passion.  
There wasn’t a speaker today so meeting adjourned.