The Ken February 12, 2018
Attendance: Bill Brucker              
Split Club: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: Larry
Fine master:  Mike Ford / Rick Graham
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our lightly attended meeting with a loud gong. We gave our Pledge and Larry gave a fine invocation. We waived the song, probably in lieu of the light crowd. We could have hurt someone. Our guests today were Jim Jones from the Town of Tonawanda and Walt Ludwig, President of Kenmore Mercy Hospital. Sarah representing the Kenmore Bee was present to take a few pictures.
Dick has our Shred It event on track for 4/21. He will have a brief meeting after our regular meeting 2/26. Dawn also has our Wine event for 5/10 ready to go. She too will meet with her committee after our meeting 2/26. Rick has ordered the wine cooler as one of our prizes again. Dawn announced that Chuck and Mary Kay will host our gift basket gathering party April 6 or 7th. Details to follow. We always need baskets. Tom thanked Mike Ford for lining up 3 speakers for March. No meeting next week.
Tom asked Rick Graham to present Walt and Sue a check to Kenmore Mercy Hospital from our foundation in the amount of $6500. Walt thanked us and explained that the money will help the hospital expand to 2 more lactation rooms for employees and guests of the hospital.
In a peculiar turn of events, Mike Ford asked Rick to pay a hefty fine or come up to administer the fine. Rick chose the latter. I confessed to Gretchen’s God Daughter Trisha Mangan representing the US in a couple of the skiing events at the Olympics. Sue J reminded us that #9 Falzer from WNY is also representing the US in Hockey. Quick witted and cheating from Mike’s agenda, we had a lot of fun and raised some money.
Rick G won the split club and Bill Brucker missed the Ace.
Larry briefly (??) introduced our speaker. Representing the Town of Tonawanda, Jim Jones. Jim is the engineer supervisor. He has been with the Town for 30 years. First part of Jim’s program were the Towns trees. Every tree in the Town has to be inventoried. We have 30,000 trees. 6,000 in the parks and the rest on the streets. There is a grid on the website that identifies each tree. They had a problem with the Emerald Ash bug. Trees are so important for absorbing water and provides oxygen to the air. The second part of Jim’s program was a discussion converting the incinerator on 2 Mile Creek road into a road and park setting. The Town burnt all their trash there between 1930-1982. Then the trash had to be hauled off to landfills. This area is being called Pirson Route and is becoming a green re forested area to walk, bike and picnic.
Lastly, Jim touched base on what we should do with the 3 private cemeteries in the Town. Failing Cemetery, Workley Cemetery and St. Peters Cemetery. The Town has to maintain them. There are no living heirs left to people buried there. Pat G wants to look for gold fillings that must be abundant throughout.
Jim gave a great talk and is a wealth of knowledge. We are lucky to have him at the Town. Tom and Rick presented Jim a check in the amount of $5K to be used for planting trees. Rotary has a challenge going on about some incentive if we encourage tree planting.  Great program
Meeting adjourned