The Ken February 20

Attendance: Bill Brucker

Split Club: Michalene Bernat

Invocation: Tom Lang

Fine Master: Paul Chisolm

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

This Presidents day meeting was greeted by a 12 man crew. Tom started us off after a lunch of Italian tacos. We gave our Pledge and our speaker led us in song “It’s a Grand Old Flag”. Tom also asked for a moment of silence to reflect. There were no guests today.

Michalene precluded her announcement by thanking Rene and Jim P for sitting in for her while she was not well. Mike pleaded for Wine Event baskets. She asked for us to be creative and preemptive. Let’s not wait to the last minute. Gretchen and I will host a gift basket gathering party sometime in April where you can bring your baskets or drop them off at Elmlawn. Barb will have a Shred-It meeting after next week’s lunch. And a final reminder that Jeremiah Davis submitted his application for membership. Let this be his second notice to the membership.

Paul was our Finemaster today. Mike Ford was fined $5 for some secret confession. With no other confessions Paul asked us Valentine’s Day questions. I didn’t know we were such a romantic group.

Barb won the split club, Paul missed the Ace. Brian’s first loaf of bread, a fig and anis, sour dough went to Barb and Mike Ford took home the chocolate and sour cherries loaf.

At this time Mary Lou Froth from AAA spoke to us on driver safety, especially for older drivers. There have been many changes in driving habits that she made us all aware of. Mostly regarding pedestrians, cyclists, skate boarders and in line skaters. Triple A offers safe driving classes. By completing these, you get discounts on your insurance. Mary Lou touched on the tender subject of the time when a senior must stop driving. She suggested you do it over time. Also, AAA has formulas that you can show a senior driver the cost savings by not owning a car. Those savings can be used to procure a driver when you need to a ride. Mary Lou was a lovely women that had lots of passion in her presentation.

Meeting adjourned