The Ken February 25, 2019
Attendance: Pat Griffin
Split Club: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Tom Lang
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Chuck passed out song sheets for us and he picked “The Star Spangle Banner” for our song for today. Immediately following, there was a motion on the floor to NEVER pick that song again with a light crowd. John Coogan gave a heartfelt invocation.
Guests today were, our speaker Racheal Maloney from Metro Rail and a colleque of Mike Ford, Sarah Kielaczek.
Announcements: Donna announced on behalf of Sue J that Kenmore Mercy Hospital is making flower arrangements to pass out and would love any vases or even mason jars that they can have. Donna also thanked Mike Austin for filling in for her last week. Rene and her team has the Wine Event gaining momentum. Riviera has it on their website. Dick is going to get it published on our website. Fliers and store front signs are available. Rene is going to hit Delaware vendors to set up signs. Additional posters will be at Donna’s office. We need to get sponsors. Sponsor brochures are available at our meetings or contact Rene. Dick also is massaging Shred It, spring semester. Shooting for April 13. Larry would like any old issues of The Rotarian you might have available. He wants to give them to The Interact members.
Tom Lang took the gavel to levy fines. Tom had something on Audrey. In her absence he texted her. The response was that of a rather unusual emoji. Ones that don’t come with the phone. Mike Ford confessed to attending Syracuse / Duke Game. Dick received a promotion (in duty only). Dick is now the Camping and Program Director of WNY Scouting. Chuck P and Mary Kaye were in Cancun for 2 weeks. Larry just arrived. Tom fined Larry then quizzed us on Presidential trivia.
Paul drew is number for the split club and Dick H. missed the Ace.
At this time, Donna introduced Rachel Maloney. Rachel is the senior transportation planner of NFTA-Metro. They are in the exploratory phase of expanding the Metro Rail 7 miles from University Station to the I-990, including 10 new stations. Their intension is to take it down Niagara Falls Boulevard. Buffalo Light Rail system is the only one in the world that has not been expanded. After her program filled with some great ideas, Rachel opened the floor for comments. Comments she got and they were not very favorable. The pulse of the room was that this should be well thought over before executing. Rachel agreed. If this pie in the sky idea will not show positive results, they will abandon the plan. Great speaker. Great program
Meeting adjourned