The Ken February 26, 2018
Attendance: Bill Brucker              
Split Club: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: Larry tagged off to John
Fine master:  Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting with the Pledge. We passed on a song and John C pulled another invocation out of the hat as Larry was in the middle of a bite. Guests today were Kate Heidinger from Kevin Guest House and Ann Marie Orlowski with Cradle Beach Camp.
Tom announced that we have been getting tremendous coverage in the Ken Ton Bea newspapers. Dawn was holding a Wine Event committee meeting this evening at Jovi’s. Chuck and Mary Kay are graciously hosting a gift basket gathering party April 6. There is plenty of time to think of a nice basket creation. Rick Graham is getting the pulse on a Science Museum tour. It appears there is interest. Details TBD. Dick H. has shred It underway but had to change a committee meeting day. Tom again reminded us to check in on the Kenmore Rotary facebook page. Please like and share. Paul Chisolm had a bottle of Dom Perignon donated by the Ahearn’s for a raffle item at the Wine Event. Thank you Brian and Pat. Larry asked for suggestions from us that he can pass along to the District Leaders meetings. Or email Tom at
Mike Ford took the stage as fine master. Rick G and Tom fined for a picture in the paper. Holly confessed to missing several meetings. Between the flu and her business growth kept her away. Great to have you back Holly. Pat was fined for a peculiar question. John C. is about to a grandpa again. I think I heard fall. Sue J’s son continues to excel in college lacrosse. He has to be tuff kid. Audrey was in FLA for a weekend last week. For some reason, Mike lets Audrey pick her fine. However Audrey did blow in John for staying on a 40’ boat in FLA. Paul was fined for rescheduling a meeting. Larry added Purple Pinky money from the UB Interact. Mike asked us to spell PeoyonChang or pay.
Rick won the split club and Dick missed, again, on the Ace.
We were able to present funds to 2 organizations near and dear. Kevin Guest House and Cradle Beach received $1500 and $500 respectfully.
At this time we were pleased to have one of our own present our program. Dawn Mirand spoke on behalf of her affiliation with the Stanley G. Falk School. The Faulk School is an approved New York State Education Department Special Day School that provides educational supports for students aged 5-21 who have special learning and behavioral need. Course curriculum is aligned with New York State’s Learning Standards and classroom instruction and related services reflect their students Individualized Education Programs. Students receive first-rate instruction in highly structured 6:1:1 classroom settings.
A talented public speaker with a great message.
Meeting adjourned