The Ken February 5, 2018
Attendance: Bill Brucker              
Split Club: Paul Chisolm
Invocation: Moment of Silence
Fine master:  Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
After a loud gong, Tom began our meeting with the Pledge. We followed with “God Bless America” led off by Chuck Patterson. Tom asked for a moment of silence to reflect on all those less fortunate.
Our guests today were Jim Moribitto from the Clarence Rotary Club and our speaker Suzanne Desfosses-Gilliam.
Jim made an announcement on behalf of our District 7090. He encouraged us to learn and try to qualify for our Districts Grants. Rotary’s Foundation is the finest foundation of all similar groups. There is a ranking system and we get 4 out of 4 stars each year. Learn more about how to qualify at He also is pushing the “End Polio Now” campaign. Bill Gates has given us $750M so far. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation studied many organizations and chose us because of our record. When we started our campaign to end Polio, there were 350,000 cases. We are now down to 22. Somewhere in this world, there are children inoculated and will not got Polio because of Rotary.
Rick Graham announced that the Science Museum will offer a tour of the facilities to us. Stay tuned with details. Rick also reminded us to be thinking about baskets for our Wine Event. Meetings are planned and we are under way. Dick H. has Shred It scheduled for 4/21. His meetings will begin at the end of February.
Fine Master, Mike Ford took confessions. Sue J’s. son was named captain of his College Lacrosse team. Rick Graham confessed to not winning any super bowl sheets. As it turned out, he did win one but thought it unnecessary to confess because it was only $100. Mike Austin was on TV for coaching while at a Sabres Game?? Paul C attended the Robotics program at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. Paul was real impressed. Mike hit us with Super Bowl questions. He did tell us last week to pay attention to the game. Fun time collecting some money.
Art won the split club and Rene missed the Ace.
Mike Ford introduced our speaker, Suzanne Desfosses-Gilliam. Suzanne is president of Touching Hearts at Home. Their mission is to help seniors, people with disabilities, and those who are battling illness, to preserve their quality of life and remain independent in their own homes around the greater Buffalo area. Susanne had passion in her program and kept us all well informed.
Meeting adjourned