The Ken January 14, 2019
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Pat Griffin     
Invocation: Gary Roberts
Fine Master: Mike Hettler
The Ken: Sue Jandzinski
We opened the meeting with the Pledge and Chuck led us in OUR RENDITION of  “God Bless America”. Our guests today were Debra Miller, John Hathaway and Claire Bassette from Mt. St. Mary’s Academy. Tom Lang announced that we are looking for a President-elect to begin his/her term under Donna’s current Presidency.  If anyone is interested, please let Tom or Donna know ASAP.  January’s Finemaster Mike Hettler, took to the podium and began by asking for any announcements/confessions.  Chuck Patterson was first to offer up that he celebrated a birthday this past weekend but was secretive about sharing the year, Sue announced that her son that is a Senior at Baldwin Wallace University has once again named a captain of his lacrosse team – and Mike H shared that his wife also attended BW, Mike Ford celebrated his wife’s birthday over the weekend and for some reason Jim Logan was also fined?  Mike Hettler entertained us with some trivia surrounding current events – let’s just say, our guests were a huge help in answering some of the questions!
Tom L. won the split club and ??? missed the Ace.
Larry Coon and Chuck presented MSMA with their $200 check to assist in purchasing bagpipes for the all-girl marching band [only one in WNY] and to Anne Wadsworth for the Girls Education Collaborative.  Larry Coon introduced Ann Wadsworth, the Executive Director of Girls Education Collaborative to share the mission and projects that her organization is working on.  The Mission: Our mission is to help communities bring transformational change to girls’ lives thru the power of holistic, quality education. Anne discussed how the Girls Education Collaborative is helping to create environments where girls have the opportunity to realize their potential.  The GEC brings together local and global participants around grass roots, community driven projects where girls education is at the core; addressing the needs of adolescent girls, through a holistic approach the GEC addresses the inter-connected needs of the most marginalized girls and their communities – such as health, public infrastructure, agriculture and community development. The GEC acts like a portal – connecting resources and expertise to communities where it is currently difficult to access such assets. The schools motto “To Empower A Girl for her Bright Future” was established by the Immaculate Heart Sisters and is how the girls approach every day.  For more information, please check out the organizations website Meeting adjourned