Posted by Jeff Markarian on Feb 03, 2018
The Ken January 29, 2018
Attendance: Audrey Meyers     
Split Club: Chuck Patterson
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine master:  Paul Chisolm
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Meeting adjourned.
Tom began our meeting with the Pledge. We followed with a wonderful rendition of “America” led off by Chuck Patterson. John Coogan gave the invocation. Our guests today were Veterans from Kenmore’s American Legion Post, Ted Balbierz, Wayne Baumgartner, Carl Marranca, Mike Walsh and Jack O’Conner from the Veterans Court.
Tom’s first order of business was to vote on our slate of officers. Bob Blatz will be the President Elect. The motion carried unanimously. Thank you Rotarians for your efforts to run our club.
Our first announcement is that the wine committee will meet again shortly. I mentioned that Gretchen and I will not be able to host the gift basket gathering party this year. The girls are graduating college then, both on the same day but different schools. Awkward. Audrey asked if anyone might be able to host.
Tom met with the Kenmore Sun, a local newspaper to invite into our meetings and perhaps post some of our programs. They are interested. Dick H asked us to follow our Facebook page. “Like”,“Share” and “Comment” are great ways to boost our awareness. Larry gave Ted P an envelope with $1750 worth of dead presidents from the proceeds of the Purple Pinky event the high school Interact ran. Larry received a nice ovation. Remember Rotary International matches that and the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation doubles RI’s.
Our fine master Paul Chisolm started out by fining himself for a bad topic last week. This week he quizzed us on Rotary news. We knew a lot but he had many follow ups in his arsenal to eventually raise some money.
Art won the split club and Dick missed the Ace of Spades.
Today, we were able to present our Veterans money from gifts to Kenmore Charities in honor of Harold White. The Braunshidle requested and received $2000. Commander Ted Balbierz accepted this gift. He explained this gift will go to computers that are desperately needed.
Jack O’Conner, representing The Veteran’s Court, received $1500. Jack gave an overview of the Veterans Court. What started here in Judge Russel’s chambers is now a model for several hundred Courts that help give our Veterans a second chance. It is the least we can do. Many enthusiastic questions to follow.
Meeting adjourned.