The Ken January 6, 2020
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Sue Jandzinski             
Fine Master: Jim Logan
Invocation: Rick Graham
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our first meeting of 2020 to a full house. Great to see everyone back. We gave our Pledge and Rick Graham led our invocation.
Guests today were Chris Pilozzi, Jim Jones, Pam Pace and Suzanne Doddis all from our satellite club. Robert Stelianou an architect from Trautman Associates. And our speakers today, Tony Kurdziel and Bryon DeLuke of TM Montante Group.
Pat Griffin presented a flag from the Las Vegas Rotary Club he visited. They keep the jokers in for the Draw for the Ace. Messes with the odds tremendously. Ted Purvis is selling Entertainment books for Amherst East Rotary Club. Contact Ted for as many as you’d like. Donna announced for Holly there will be a Wine Event Meeting 1/20 at 5:30. The venue will be determined. We need a good turn out to make the event a success. Mike Ford is hosting a new members Orientation at the Saturn Club 1/29. Our club will cover the cost if you have been a member less than 2 years. Anyone is welcome. You just have to cover your cost for the dinner, $20.00. Mike would it be presumptuous if we encouraged most to try to make it. There is something contagious when we all gaggle together. We need to fill a spot on the Greenway Nature Trail. Audrey has represented us on this initiative and needs to pass it on. Cathy Piciulo was very passionate about the Tonawanda Coke clean up. I will send a separate email out detailing the small things we can do individually to make a huge impact socially. Lastly, Purple Pinky is 1/23 at Edison and 1/24 at Franklin Elementary and Middle School. They do this around lunch time.
Pat Griffin won the split club and John Coogan missed the Ace.
Jim Logan filled in for Mike Austin as fine master. Mike had jury duty. Jim fined anyone who never served on Jury Duty. Donna confessed to getting to baby sit her grandson in Pittsburg. I confessed that my friend gave me a beautiful fat tire snow bike that I have had a blast with. Jim quizzed us on famous dates.
Scott Mason introduced our speakers for today. Tony Kurdziel and Bryon DeLuke of TM Montante Group. Tony gave a background on The Group. It started out as Development and branched into construction and a full service installer and operator of commercial scale solar energy systems. They are currently processing a $25 million warehouse and distribution facility with 115,000 square feet on 35 acres for Amazon. They plan to finish in the summer of 2020. They move fast. This will provide last mile delivery capabilities in WNY. They touched on how proud they are of their Riverview Park. This is where Amazon is going and it is a very organic, clean and sustainable Industrial Park. The guys hung around and answered our questions.
Meeting adjourned