Posted by Jeff Markarian on Jan 10, 2019
The Ken January 7, 2019
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Pat Griffin     
Invocation: Gary Roberts
Fine Master: Mike Hettler
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our first meeting of the year with the Pledge. Chuck led us with “God Bless America”. Our guests today were Mike and Ryan Scillo, Dave Arcara our speaker, Robin Selino and our own, Barb Henry. Great to have Barb joining us today.
Donna announced that we need speakers for the last week in February and all of March. Dick H. has our spring Shred It on track for April 13. Audrey was hoping to have a full Wine Event meeting this evening, but canceled due to attendance. This meeting got away from us, but there is great enthusiasm with this committee. This will be a great evening. Audrey said that Kevin Crosby is asking that we help volunteer at stations for Ride for Roswell. This entails sitting at a corner somewhere and cow belling and cheering the riders. Tons of fun and heartwarming.  There was even talk about having a team this year. Lastly, Audrey has Greg Stevens coming with Kevin Crosby 1/28 to give us an update on the Greenway Trail. We want to get Kenmore East, West and Roosevelt to help our club volunteer for a project along the trail. Planting flowers and general maintenance. Tom was having a past president’s meeting immediately after our meeting.
Mike Hettler was our fine master today. Mike went around the room and allowed us to share what we did that was exiting over the holiday weeks. The general activity was spending time with family. Lots of fun and raised a little money.
Dick H won the split club and Scott Swan missed the Ace.
Joe Arcara introduced Robin Selino to continue discussing the revisions to 2019 tax laws. Robin is the senior manager in the Tax department and Arcara, Zucarelli, Lend and Associates. The last time Robin spoke, the forms were not finished. They appear to be done and ready. You will submit post cards with schedules attached. Tax rates are lower, deductions are fewer and this should be easier to generate once we have it figured out. There were many questions that Robin answered and we finished on time.
Meeting adjourned