Posted by Jeff Markarian on Jan 11, 2018
The Ken January 8, 2018
Attendance: Audrey Meyers     
Split Club: Rene Rebmann
Invocation: Dick Hanaburgh
Fine master:  Paul Chisolm
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our first 2018 meeting with the pledge followed by a nice rendition of “America” led off by Chuck Patterson. Guests today were our speakers from Kevin Guest House, Pam Chrzanowski and Kate Heidinger. And last time as a guest, new member Joe Suppa.
Tom announced there will be no meeting next week in honor of Martin Luther King Holiday. Harold White’s service is Thursday at 11:00 at Deerhurst Presbyterian Church. We are sending a card to Barb and a card to Harold’s family. Truly a grand Rotarian who will be missed. Audrey announced that Dawn Mirand has agreed to chair this year’s Wine Tasting Event. This is one of our largest events so stay tuned and contribute. Thank you Dawn for your leadership and thank you Audrey for a job well done. Larry would like some help for our Purple Pinky event 1/23 and 1/24. An email with the details has been sent out.
With no further announcements, Paul took the floor to access fines. Joe Suppa confessed to beating me in racquetball after I pledged to take him at the last meeting. Ed M. confessed to writing a check for lunch today drawn from a bank neither of our illustrious bankers, both who were working the table, were affiliated with. Probably from the Bank of Armenia. Paul quizzed us on Buffalo Bills trivia since their inception. Fun questions and we raised some money.
Bob Blatz won the split club and Joe Suppa drew the 2 of spades, 1 off.
Ted Purvis introduced our speakers from Kevin Guest House, Pam Chrzanowski and Kate Heidinger. Kevin Guest House is the first independent healthcare hospitality house in America and has served as a model for more than 600 houses across the county, including the very first Ronald McDonald House. Their mission is to provide a comfortable and supportive home away from home for patients and their families. Pam explained their new marketing campaign “Who is Kevin” is underway. Kate gave details on the day to day operations at KGH. They thanked us for the money we donated and that it went to a security system. Kate and Pam mentioned it would be a great help if we could make dinner at the facilities some time for the guests. We had a positive conversation about this and it appears we will get board approval to do it. Great inspirational program.
Meeting adjourned.