The Ken July 15, 2019

Attendance: Pat Griffin

Split Club: Cathy Piciulo

Fine Master: Phil Michalowski

Invocation: Chuck Patterson

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting with the Pledge followed by Cathy who led us in a nice tempo version of “God Bless America”. Chuck Patterson was ambushed to give our invocation and did a fine job. Guests today were Samantha Galba, Sue and Brian Hettler. Donna was able to thank Gary in person for putting together the picnic at Elmlawn. It sounds like he did a Youmans job.

Larry introduced Samantha to give us an update on her RYLA experience. Samantha gave a heartfelt talk confirmation about her time on Campus. She said the speak ups were the best part. She got real emotional when she told us because she struggled with opening up to people. The exercise aloud her get through it and feel the relief.

Donna had the pleasure of introducing Matt Dewitt into or club. Matt's category is finance. Let's all reach out had nurture Matt as he gets his bearings on the Rotary pulse.

Ted passed out dues. Mike Hettler won the 50 / 50 and Gary missed the Ace.

Phil M took confessions. Chuck Patterson gave happy dollars for his enjoyment at the firework picnic. Donna and many others followed suit. Ted was out west on vacation. Phil fined himself on the birth of his granddaughter, Audrey Rose. Larry chucked in a few dollars for having Samantha speak and that his niece won many awards at the Irish Dance competition. Larry also had a reunion that Mike and Cathy p attended for Mike and Larry were in the same class at Ken East. Phil came up with a new format for fines. Word definition. Quite a challenge and many of the well-read Rotarians had the answers.

At this time, we had the pleasure of hearing from past RYLAian Brian Hettler as he speak about his unbelievable adventure as he continues to make this world a grander place. Mike introduced his son with such pride he must feel when listening to Brian speak of is endeavors. We have heard from Brian many times while he was setting up fresh water wells for the people in Peru. Now Brian is a topologist working in the Amazon. He gave us a little perspective on the size of this region being greater than that of the entire United States. Brian is with Amazon Conservative Team, ACT ( Their mission is to partner with the indigenous and other local communities to protect tropical forests and strengthen traditional culture. Their vision is to see a future where healthy communities exist in harmonious relationship with each other, contributing to the well-being of the planet. As you would only expect, this discussion went well past 1:30 and no one excused themselves. Wow, what a journey. Many questions followed.

Meeting was adjourned.