The Ken July 16, 2018

Attendance: Ron Levea

Split Club: Dick Hanaburgh

Invocation: John Coogan

Fine Master: Paul Chisolm

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

We began our meeting with the Pledge and waived the song. John Coogan gave our invocation and asked us to give special prayers to Joe Starck who is dealing with some complications and Tony DeCillis who just had quadruple bypass surgery.

Guests were Greg Stevens CEO of Niagara River Greenway Commission and Kevin Crosby, past District Governor.

Donna read Thank You cards from Emily Markarian for the opportunity we gave her at RYLA and from Second Chance Sheltering Network that we gave money to. Donna reported that Barb Henry is having a hard time getting to the meetings. Barb, let us know if you need a ride. Donna suggested that we take a look at the article in the “Rotarian” regarding membership.

Paul Chisolm took confessions from Joe Arcara whose In-Laws are in from FLA for a couple of weeks. Yes folks you heard that right. In Laws staying for a couple of weeks. How did that happen? Nevertheless Joe’s sister-in –law dragged him to the Casino where won some money. Sue J. missed a couple of weeks for her 30 year High School reunion. Boys, don’t do the math Sue definitely doesn’t look 47. Jim Logan was hit up for all the bogus fines he levied on Paul last month. I was fined for no name tag. Paul fined himself for shooting a 90 at Park CC. This was Paul’s best round ever. After our confessions, Paul played “on this Day” trivia.

John Coogan won the split Club and Audrey missed the Ace.

Our program today was introduced by Paul Chisolm. Past District Governor Kevin Crosby had Greg Stevens speak to us about the Niagara River Greenway Commission. This is a comprehensive plan focusing on the development of a greenway of interconnected parks, river access points and waterfront trails along the east bank of the Niagara River from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Very interesting topic that took us until 1:35.

Meeting adjourned