The Ken July 17
Attendance: Ron Levea
 Split Club: Larry Coon
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine master:  Ted Purvis
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting after a lunch of Italian Tacos. We gave our Pledge and Chuck led us in “God Bless America”. John Coogan gave an awe inspiring invocation.
Guests today were Joyce Delong and Katherine Smith of Buffalo. Brian Ahern came with a loaf of bread to bare and our speaker, Mark Wolffer from Amherst Alarm.
Holly announced that Sunshine Day is August 16 and Tom announced that Moon dance is 8/29.
Our guests Joyce and Katherine pitched Buffalo Rotary Club’s fund raiser the “Duck Derby” is August 27 at Canalside. You rent a tiny rubber duck. They will put your number on it. They will toss hundreds off the Blue Line Bridge at Canalside and the first 3 ducks over the line will win $250, $125 and $75 respectively. All proceeds will go to Rotary Reads Kids club. Good luck with that. Visit www.buffaloduckderby to enter. Ted pitched Rotary Club of Amherst’s fund raiser car show this Saturday. Tom took back the floor and presented Mike with a Presidents Plaque and his terms Rotary flag. Thank you Mike. It was a great year.
Fine master Ted took confessions. Susan J. missed her first board meeting. Mike through Paul under the bus. This was an inside private gesture that would not be explained. Ted fined John Coogan for his thoughts. Ted quizzed us on hockey draft trivia and fine us all happy dollars to have Brian and his bread back today.
Rick Graham won the split club and guest Katherine Smith missed the Ace of Spades. Mike Austin won the loaf of Brian bread.
At this time Mark Wolffer presented to us the importance of complying with the carbon monoxide requirements. That is mandated through all new construction. Amherst Alarm will handle all you sales and installation of such equipment. Visit them at
Meeting adjourned