The Ken July 22, 2019

Attendance: Sue Jandzinski

Split Club: Phil Michalowski

Fine Master: Phil Michalowski

Invocation: Chuck Patterson

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting with the Pledge followed by Chuck’s version of “God Bless America”. Very nice attempt. Our guest today was Katherine Selby from St. Louis. Chuck presented us with the sleight of officers for our Foundation. They are: Ed Markarian and Pat Griffin for a 3 year term. The proposed officers are: President, Chuck Paterson - VP, Ed Markarian - Treasurer, Ed Markarian - Secretary, and Mike Hettler. We will be voting August 5. Thank you gentleman for your service to our foundation.

Dick announced that Shred-It will be 10/12/2019 and is all set. Donna has the speaker list on Google Drive. There are many open meetings available for speakers. Pat will have a signup sheet for Cradle Beach next week. He will procure sandwiches and perhaps some apples for our lunch. It’s not lunch without the crunch. Bob Artis, our District Governor, will speak to us 12/16. Our final announcement, Donna will have a committee list that you can look over and get on the committee you are interested in.

Our guest spoke about a way her club and many other clubs are raising money for Alzheimer’s. It is called CART (Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust). Money is raised by donating your spare change at each of our weekly meetings. The change is sent to CART. Many clubs do this and the money given to the research of Alzheimer’s is staggering.

Art won the split club and Jim Logan missed the Ace.

Fine master Phil took confessions. Tim Glor went to Nashville for his son’s bachelor party. He had a great time in a great city. Larry helped pull off a 60th birthday party for a college friend in the Finger Lakes. You were fined for no pin. Phil gave was word definitions for British slang terms. Lots of fun.

Without a speaker we finished up a tad early today.

Meeting adjourned