The Ken July 23, 2018

Attendance: Ron Levea

Split Club: Dick Hanaburgh

Invocation: Chuck Patterson

Fine Master: Paul Chisolm

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Donna began our meeting with the Pledge. Chuck Patterson led us in a nice sounding rendition of “God Bless America”. Chuck also gave an impromptu invocation. There were no guests.

Donna will have signup sheets next week for Sunshine Day at Cradle Beech 8/15. I gave an update that Joe Starck was able to attend the Whistler family reunion but is still having complications. Donna told us that Joe Suppa resigned and that we really should concentrate on attracting new members. Donna asked if anyone knew a person of interest that won the Jim Logan golf outing at our wine event. Audrey know the perp and was going to contact him.

Paul Chisolm took the floor as fine master. Mike Ford played golf with Jim Logan, Mike Austin and Chuck Patterson. He had a great round going but fell apart on the 18th hole. Evidently he landed an approach shot onto the patio we had our party at last month and blew up tables and glassware sending members and their guest’s scurrying to take cove. Kind of Dangerfield- esque. I was fined again for no name tag. Tom Lang was in court so missed Donna’s first meeting last week. Paul gave each table the option of “On this Day” or British Open questions. We did not have a speaker so he went round and round. Probably a good haul.

Ron won the split club and I lost the Ace.

Meeting adjourned