The Ken July 25

Attendance: Pat Griffin

Split Club: Michalene Bernat

Invocation: Gary Roberts

Fine Master: Ted Purvis

Mike started our large, rowdy group off today at 12:41. Mike was styling with his new specs. Good look buddy. We gave our Pledge and changed things up a little with Gary again asking for our prayers for more compassion and peace throughout the world. Then Chuck Patterson led us singing “America”

Guests today were Holly Mergenhagen, Esq., our speaker with Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. Dr. Werner with his daughters Sue and Karen. RYLArians, Brian Markarian and Stacy Rogers. And our friend from Buffalo Rotary, Mike Ryan.

Announcements: No meeting next week because we will meet Tuesday instead for the Presidents BBQ and swearing in of the new officers. We are only up to 24. The dead line for RSVP is Thursday 7/28. Chuck Patterson needs to know who will be attending lunch for Cradle Beach Sunshine Day 8/17. Trust me. Not a bad lunch, overlooking Lake Erie. Last year we cooled down after lunch with a stroll in the surf, before the camp started. Tom Lang announced Thursday 7/28 will be a Happy Hour at Jovi’s at 6:00. Light fare included. Bring a friend to show off how fun we are. Networking extraordinaire, Gary Roberts will buy any guest their first drink (don’t worry Gary, Art said you can expense it). Tom also announced that he is closing in on securing the Moon Dance sail ride for either a Tuesday or Thursday. Details to follow. Mike Austin challenged us to fill his car. The Ken Ton closets clothing drive is on. Bring a garbage bag of used clothing to the Party or the following meeting.

Ted Purvis, our fine master took the floor. Ted took confessions from Jim Prichard who went camping with the family (or at least that’s what I thought I heard. Joe Stark was talking so I couldn’t hear it), Mike Austin did a stay-cation, but did get a Pittsburg Pirates game in. Damon Piatek went to Myrtle Beach. Art confessed to hearing his sump pump working for the first time in a long while. Ted went through the tables testing our football knowledge in preparation for the upcoming season.

Brian Markarian picked his own number for the 50/50 and Rene missed on the Ace of Spades.

Larry Coon introduced Stacy Rogers and my son Brian. Stacy and Brian thanked us for sending them to RYLA. They set up a slide show to show the activities they were involved in. Lots of team building and heart felt bonding was achieved throughout the week. Please mark in you calendars to sign someone up you know that qualifies. The applications are on our website. This is another fantastic perk you get by being a Rotarian.

Mike tried to introduce our guest, Molly Mergenhagen from Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. However, Molly asked if she could introduce herself. Molly studied law at UB. After graduation she got involved with the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. Their mission is to connect people, ideas and resources to improve lives in WNY. This is a 501©3 public charity dedicated to helping donors make the most of their generosity. To learn more, the website is www. Molly kept trying to conclude her program on time but Pat kept asking questions. I finally had to tell him to stop asking so many questions.

Meeting adjourned.