The Ken July 8, 2019
Attendance: Phil Michalowski
Split Club: Joe Arcara and Holly Nowak
Fine Master: Phil
Invocation: Larry Coon
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting with the pledge. Due to the light attendance, we forgave our song. John gave our invocation. There were no guests today. Holly announced that Sunshine Day at Cradle Beach is 8/21. Holly also, was having a debriefing meeting tonight at her house. Audrey was asked by the Rotary Greenway Steering committee to promote our section of the Trail. This is between Riverside Park and Mississippi Mudds. We are thinking to set a day for us all to hike it and bring guests. That could be a great social event. Chuck Patterson passed the task of feeding us lunch for Sunshine Day to Pat Griffin. It looks like he’ll get Wegemans sandwiches. We need someone to sit in for Sue J for attendance next week. Sue will be covering us at the hole in one event at Sheridan. We still need others to cover a couple of slots for that event also. New member Matt Dewitt will be inducted in our club next week. Please pay Donna for any past parties you’ve attended and are still outstanding on. Our Christmas Party will be at Park Country Club 12/6 this year. Donna thanked Gary and Mike Austin for hosting the fireworks party.
Matt won the split club and Holly missed the Ace.
Phil took confessions and levied a few fines.
Donna led us in discussions on a few items for our opened meeting. Larry is ordering “T” shirts so we can promote Rotary. Audrey asked to be off the Wine Event and added to the membership / retention committee. Matt volunteered to relieve  president elect Dich H. as chairman of the Shred It event. Way to go Matt. Thanks for stepping up.
At this point we ran out of time so meeting was adjourned.