The Ken July 9, 2018
Attendance: Ron Levea
Split Club: Phil Michalowski
Invocation: Phil Michalowski
Fine Master: Paul Logan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began her first meeting promptly with a resounding gong. We did not have someone we could trust to lead us in a song so it was waived. Phil gave an impromptu invocation that was heartfelt. We had 2 guest. Lisa and Galen Engle from Broken Arrow, AZ.
Announcements: Let’s keep brother Joe Starck in our prayers as he is still ailing.  Gary debriefed us on the fireworks party at Elmlawn. Great time and well attended.  Please pay if you have not done so yet. Holly is enthused about Sunshine Day at Cradle Beach, August 15. Holly gave an outline about Cradle Beach to our guests and new members. Chuck will like an apprentice to help him with the lunch. Pat and I suggested new member Joe Suppa. He is incredible in the food department and may give him an opportunity to show off his skills.
Paul Chisolm took the floor as fine master. Dick H confessed to missing our last meeting because he was traveling home from having Father’s Day with his dad for the first time in 10 years. Rick Graham won at the Casino, did a 2 week cruise through the Baltic Sea, celebrating his and Joanie’s 50th anniversary. Larry had to leave RYLA early to be with Char’s dad in Chicago. Char’s dad passed away. Our deepest condolences to Char. Mike Ford missed the last meeting because of training for the Charter School he is involved in. Phil was exempt from fines for buying Paul a pie. Sleazy was the general consensus of the audience. Paul fined anyone who missed the installation dinner. It was kind of redundant because most of them weren’t here today to be fined. Phil was chatting with a friend whose son just got back from RYLA and was real impressed with the program. Gary was also exempt from fines for putting together the Fourth of July Party. Paul quizzed us on Independence Day questions. I was bummed because I read “John Adams” this year but couldn’t retain some of the questions Paul asked.
Phil won the split club and Bob B missed the Ace. Donna had an open meeting today so it gave her a chance to outline her term this year. We are still in need of a new office space. Damon and Mike Hettler have spaces available. We will work out the details. Thank you guys. Kevin Crosby is looking for a liaison of all the local clubs to be on his steering committee for the Niagara Greenway project. It’s about beautifying trails and parks in the area. There is a signup sheet for attendants to help with the Hole in One contest at Sheridan. Our club has Monday 7/16. We have it on Google sheets, however I was not able to edit it and enter new data. We might need to have a briefing on how to manage this program as we are using it often now. Donna went over the committees and was quite impressive on her delegating abilities. Sounds like we have it all covered, whether the chair wanted it or not. Gary touched on Ricks thoughts of the future of the Wine Event. Gary would like to continue it but tweak it. He seems to think there will be enough people interested to help pull it off. We most likely will be partnering with the Fire Department and the Knights for Operation Santa. Last year went well and the party was great. Tom L agreed to stay on the social event committee. I sense a lot of momentum for our projects has been created because we get to know each other better at these events.
Great meeting Donna.
Meeting adjourned