The Ken June 10, 2019
Attendance: Phil Michalowski
Split Club: Ron Levea
Fine Master: Dick Hanaburgh
Invocation: Rick Graham
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Donna began our meeting promptly. We gave our Pledge. Donna thought better and waved the song without tone accurate members present. Rick Graham gave our invocation. Guests today were Charlie Galotti from Perth Australia.  Charlie brought his wife, Rosetta and sister and brother-in-law Joe and Rebecca Cole. We exchanged Rotary flags and was invited to Perth anytime. Mike Billoni and Christy Sharky were our other guests. Donna thanked Holly for subbing for her last week. Kevin Crosby asked that we attend our satellite clubs charter ceremony June 20 at 9:00. It will be held at the Intermodal Hub Public Facility at 36 Young Street in NT. I Googled this and it is a public bathroom. Sounds a little creepy but what the heck. The Ride for Roswell is June 22 and they need volunteers. Contact them at to learn more. Tim Glor mentioned that Jacquie is very involved with this project. Gary procured Webster’s Kitchen at 110 Webster June 19 at 6:00 for the Installation of officer’s dinner. This should be well attended. A great night out in a fabulous location to hang out with your Rotarian friends without a gong or long winded characters promoting their organizations. Mike Austin has the Independence Day fireworks party at the cemetery 7/3. Mike Billoni’s Grand Island Rotary Club is having a 60th Anniversary party at the Launch Club 6/26 at 6:00. Ron thinks our club sponsored Grand Island. Mike will look into this. Sue J read a thank you letter from Thomas Edison’s Children’s Garden chair. They purchased a “Little Free Library Exchange Box”. With it, they will rent out books where the proceeds will go towards a fresh water well in Burkina Faso, Africa. They will dedicate this 6/17 at 10:00 if anyone is interested.
Gary won the split club and guest, Joe Cole missed the Ace.
Dick H. took over as Finemaster. There were no confessions. Dick gave each table a couple of clever riddles. Lots of fun and made a little money.
At this time, Donna introduced Arlene Kaye, founder and owner of Fashion Lab NY. FLNY is located at 1205 Hertle Ave. They give young women a place to experiment creatively and invent through the Art and Science of Fashion. They provide the tools and direction to inspire their uniqueness, and encourage their own sense of style. The Fashion Lab NY process will engage students to discover, explore and invent your vision of Fashion. Arlene runs summer camps and allows the students to apply their designs with sewing machines to teach them to sew. For more information please visit Great program.
Meeting adjourned