The Ken June, 18

Attendance: Pat Griffin

Split Club: Ron Levea

Invocation: John Coogan

Fine Master: Jim Logan

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Tom began our meeting with the Pledge and Chuck led us in “America” to music. Pretty bad but the essence was achieved. John Coogan gave the invocation. John asked that we keep Char and Larry in our thoughts as Chars’ dad is in rough shape. We also hoped Ted a speedy recovery from a broken foot.

Tom announced that there is not a meeting Monday in lieu of the Presidents Party Thursday. And no meeting July 2 in lieu of the July 3 event at Elmlawn. If you cannot make either of these events, please make up at any of our local Rotary club meetings. It’s always good to cross pollinate with other clubs. We will help the local civic clubs with the hole in one contest held at Sheridan Golf Course 7/16. We will need volunteers to man a par 3 (8th hole?) and sell chances for a hole in one prize. The money goes to the Town’s Paramedics. Holly has Sunshine Day set for 7/15. There will be a dunk tank. No ponies but perhaps reptiles. Chuck will do the lunch, but would like a helper that would apprentice for next year. Fair enough since Chuck has done this for many years.

We were able to induct Scott Swan as our newest Rotarian. Welcome aboard Scott.

Jim Logan took the floor to hear confessions and levy fines. I confessed that Emily had a great time at RYLA. She would like to thank all of us on sponsoring her on this once in a lifetime chance to be part of a great leadership camp. Paul C confessed to winning a 2 day golf event that Brian Ahern partnered with at PCC over the week end. Brian made his infamous bread that Paul ate by himself. They either won their flight or did extremely well. Paul stole Jim’s glove during the event and showed us the tremendous wear pattern. Paul took up a collection to buy Jim a new glove. Jim told us they raised $4. All that was ignored but Paul was fined for their atrocious fashion faux pau with images he passed around. Ouch. Ed H won a large skin in the same tournament. Chuck confessed to also getting a loaf of Brian’s bread. Jim quizzed us on US Open trivia.

Rene won the split club and I missed the Ace.

Our speaker had to cancel due to an emergency so we had the pleasure of learning about our newest Rotarian. Scott is the manager at Lake Shore Savings Bank Kenmore Branch. He grew up in Clarence. Scott served our country for 6 ½ years in the 101st airborne division, 3 ½ years in Iraq. Scott loves to learn. He is thinking about getting his PHD. Scot is married with a 3 year old daughter and a son on the way. It looks like we have a great individual to represent us in the community. Great getting to know you Scott. We will make a donation in Scotts name to Mikey’s Way, an organization dear to Scott.

Meeting adjourned