The Ken June 24
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Chuck P
Fine Master: Dick Hanaburgh
Invocation: John Coogan
The Ken: Audrey Meyers
President Donna opened our meeting at 12:49 PM.  Chuck and Cathy led is in “America the Beautiful”.  Guests today were Tina from M&T Bank (taking over the Delaware Sheridan location for Rene) & Matt Dewitt.  “Hole in One” on 7/15 signup sheet (WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!).  Mike announced the Rotary / Elmlawn Fireworks on July 3, gates will open at 6 PM, dinner at 7/7:30, please RSVP so Mike can email you an entrance pass.  Pat announced Shredit will be 10/12 or 10/19.  Larry announced Grand Island Anniversary Dinner.  Donna reported that the Rotary Club of Kenmore-Tonawanda’s event went well last week, all new members received their Pins and Certificates, and channels 2, 4, and 7 were there, they need 15 members before they separate and become their own independent clubs, they currently have 9 members.  Chuck & Donna volunteered for Ride for Roswell.  No meeting 7/1 due to the fireworks get-together at Elmlawn on the 3rd.  7/8 will be a working meeting.  Speaker list is ready to go PLEASE FILL SPOTS AND GET SOME SPEAKERS IN.  Director’s duties will be out this week.
Joe Arcara won the Split Club.  JOHN COOGAN WON THE ACE OF SPADES AGAIN!!!!  (insert eyeroll) … Just kidding!!!  Congrats John!
John confessed an impossible surprise party for Jo-Jo’s milestone birthday.  Jeff confessed that Gretchen and their son are on a four-wheeling adventure.  Mike Austin confessed that John carried him on their two-day golf tournament and that no one wanted to golf with Chisholm.  Rene confessed that she is leaving M&T Bank and Tina will be taking over for her.  Rene is looking at all opportunities available to her right now and has enjoyed her time with Kenmore Rotary.  (Thank you, Rene, for being a part of our family and for all you have done for our club!)  Joe confessed to 4 days in Ellicottville and that a mailbox attacked his wife’s car.  Dick confessed to a night out with his wife for their 7-year anniversary, which reminded Mike Austin it was his 7 year freedom anniversary so he paid a happy fine. 
Audrey introduced Olivia Hill and Alan Rosenhoch from Invest Buffalo Niagara.  Invest Buffalo Niagara is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Their mission is to help grow businesses in the Buffalo Niagara region.  They focus on helping existing businesses expand, and by promoting the region to both domestic and international businesses in hopes of attracting them to the region.  Since their inception in 1999, they have celebrated 363 wins with $6.2 billion in capital investments made, and 45,000 new jobs.  Their services are free to their clients.  They do customized research, introductions to key people in the area, assist in finding Real Estate, and help answer tax and duty questions, and hand hold through the process.  Almost 100 Canadian companies have expanded into the Buffalo Niagara Region with the help of Invest Buffalo Niagara.  They’re funded by private investors and some public.  There will be a new international focus beginning 7/1 to help expand businesses from Germany, France, and the UK into the Buffalo/Niagara region.  Some examples of wins include: Frank Ralphs (from Montreal Canada) which brought 56 jobs, $2.1m investment capital, Sentient Science (from Idaho Falls, ID) which brought 86 jobs, $10.5m investment capital, Athenex (from China) which brought 450 jobs and 1.72g.  To help be an ambassador for the Buffalo Niagara region (both personally and for your business) please visit: