The Ken June, 11

Attendance: Pat Griffin

Split Club: Ron Levea

Invocation: Tim Glor

Fine Master: Jim Logan

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Tom began our meeting with the Pledge and waived the song. Tim Glor gave our invocation. Today’s guest was our speaker Matt Green.

Our first announcement by Tom was to start thinking of a place we can send Rotary correspondence to and a place we can keep some Rotary items. We have been using Pat’s office for this, but Pat sold the business. There has been and will be a signup sheet for the installation of officer’s party at Park Country Club being held 6/28 at 6:00. Let’s show our support. We all signed a get well card for Joe Starck. Joe is still a tad under the weather. Our Independence Day party will be held at the cemetery 7/3. Details to follow. Tom thanked us for his term as president this year, whose term will be over in 2 weeks. Great job Tom. Thank you for your leadership.

Fine master Jim Logan took confessions. Phil had his daughter and grandchildren over the week end. They had to deal with excavating 2 dead birds from his skimmer. Mike Ford who recently turned 40 confessed to missing last week. Elderwood had a food truck. Tim and Jacquie went to NJ. They toured went to Carnegie Hall, Museum of Modern Art and a gold event his brother took him to. Mike A. took the kids to Pittsburg. They saw pigmy hippos. Mike’s 16 year old daughter thought that meant the hippos can have several wives. Jim quizzed us on North Korea facts.

Art won the split club and Rene missed the Ace.

Mike Ford introduced our speaker Matt Green. Matt Green was trained in marketing. He started Soma Cura Wellness Center ( to follow his dreams. They do yoga, give massages and offer healthy drinks in their café. Matt went in depth, on the advantages of yoga. More less to concentrate on a pose in order to get your mind off more stressful thoughts. Matt starts every day with simple meditation. He had a very calm Zen to his character as he presented his program. Nomesta.