The Ken June, 4
Attendance: Gary Roberts
Split Club: Pat Griffin
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Jim Logan
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting with the Pledge followed with Chuck leading us in “God Bless America”. John Coogan gave our invocation. Guests today were my daughter Emily and Herbert Schmidt III and Bob O’Connor of Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village. Announcements: Rick Graham was having the final meeting of the Wine event tonight. Gary announced the Installation of officers and President’s picnic will be Thursday 6/28 at Park Country Club. Starting time will be 6:00. $15 per person with a cash bar. Please make reservations. Gary also announced the 4th of July picnic will be at Elmlawn again July 3. Details will follow. Tom asked us to sign up on Google Drive for the events. However, I went on my Google Drive and did not see them. We will tweak that. There will not be a meeting 6/25 or 7/2. Larry announced that on 6/19 at 5:30, UB Rotaract will have its Charter Ceremony Event on the fantail of the USS Little Rock. $25 / person. Visit for details.
Jim Logan took the floor as our illustrious fine master.  Pat was fined for stalling on announcing my daughter as a guest. Pat claims he was waiting for the chatter to die down. Next, Gary was fined for exposing his legs by wearing shorts. At which time Gary stood up and model walked around to show them off. I think I got a hair in my salad. Larry and Char visited the Johnson Winery with the Rotary Country Exchange group as a sendoff to them visiting. Larry mentioned that there is another Kenmore Rotary Club in Australia. Donna boasted of a great time she had with her daughter in Maine traveling around and whale watching. Pat complained because he had to cover the shop. Rene and Wayne were having dinner when their daughter called to say she had just hit a deer and was wondering what the insurance company meant by $1000 deductible. Ouch, obviously no fine and we were thrilled there were no injuries. Jim asked the table interesting questions regarding Memorial Day.
Dick H won the split club and John missed the Ace.
Paul Chisolm introduced our speakers, Herbert Schmidt III and Bob O’Conner. They are with the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village. Here, you can travel back to time when life moved at a gentler pace, when families worked and played together. You can experience that heritage on their beautiful 35 acre site. You can tour historical homes, a rural church, and one room schoolhouse. They show how textiles were made and iron forged in the blacksmith house. Please visit their website This sounds like a great day to escape back in time.
Meeting adjourned