The Ken March 11, 2019
Attendance: Pat Griffin
Split Club: Scott Swan
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine Master: Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Chuck led us in “America”. Chuck also gave the invocation. There were no guests today.
Donna brought in Kenmore Rotary Flags today. We should all have one for when we travel. Most destinations have Rotary Clubs. Take in a meeting, meet new people and share what we do as you can also share with us what they do.
Announcements: There will be a Rotary District Summit at NCCC 4/6. You can learn about every aspect of Rotary. Register at Gary is going forward with a cooking demonstration couples event. March 30, 6:00 at Webster’s Kitchen. The logistics will be set up to bring your gift baskets in for the Wine Event. The cost is $75 / person. Great food and drinks. Audrey and Holly attended Williamsville’s Wine Event at Park Country Club. It was nice, they had a dance band. They did not have as much wine tasting or food available. Also, they only had a few items to win. The feeling was that ours is more festive. Audrey said that if you are not able to come up with a basket concept, donate funds and the Wine team will go on line and get one for you. Sponsorships are slow. Let’s get to work and remind everyone that this will be a new venue. Dick H has the Shred it event all set and is on facebook. Dick is going to boost the post to a specific demographic to help spread the word. Mike Ford took over as our fine master. Audrey paid happy fines for her first double digit run as she is training for another marathon. Gary was fined for allegedly putting his foot in his mouth. However, I did not see or hear anything. Mike proceeded to ask questions pertaining to Woman’s Health Month.
Scott won the split club and missed the Ace.
Dr. Steve Anderson gave a wonderful overview at what they do at Summit Center. In summary “They make Lives better”. They help children and families throughout WNY by providing behavior therapy, autism therapy, and many other programs and services to help them lead happier, more independent lives. I have watched them first hand help Shamus, our very close friends son who is severely disabled. Shamus is 26 years old now and is a happy semi-independent young man. Another tremendous speaker.
Meeting adjourned.