The Ken March 13
Attendance: Michalene Bernat
Split Club: Jeff Markarian
Invocation: Tim Glor
Fine Master: Ed Markarian
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting with the Pledge followed by a much nicer rendition of “God Bless America” in the key of Chuck Patterson. Tim gave our invocation. Our only guest today was our speaker John Bradley of Alcott HR.
Mike announced that 5/1 and 5/8 will be student recognition Days. This is where we honor Junior High and High school students and present them with scholarship money. Most likely at the Paddock Dome. I announced that I will host the Gift gathering party this year at my house. April 1 at 6:00. Rick Graham reminded us not to wait too long to get us the gifts because there is a lot of logistics that go into putting them together.
Ed Markarian was the fine master and took confessions from Tom Lang. Tom received an outstanding service award for his work he does with the Riviera Theater. Tom was not fined but confessed to purchasing a fully loaded Lincoln. That was a finable offense. Brian confessed to not having bread today. His power was off. Scott was fined for a quote Art said he made, hacking on the wine event. Mike A. blew Art in for swearing. There was no fine, but was kind of creepy, that a room full of men except for Michalene, who had no part of the commotion, had a conversation about Gary Roberts’s lower lumbar. To wrap up, Eddie fined everyone without a pin on.
Michalene won the split club and Mike A. lost on the Ace. However no bread today.
Paul Chisolm introduced our speaker, John Bradley of Alcott HS. There was a caveat in having him speak to us today. We had to get permission from Holly. Holly had no problem and as it turns out, John said Holly is the best in her field and they would employ her on certain challenges. It was interesting again, figuring out all the regulations that is required from us. But he stressed as did Holly when she presented, you better. They will assume you are not in compliance and you have to prove you are. One regulation is the new hourly rate implemented this year for salaried employees. It’s a tangled web and you cannot do it yourself.  Alcott HS is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in where they co hire the employees. You benefit with the purchasing power you gain in the numbers you bring.
John’s second part of his program dealt with Rotary Youth Exchange. He is very involved with that for our District. There is a misconception that we have to host the students wherein Rotary just mediates in putting the families together. This could be another form of community service for our club to think about.
Meeting adjourned