The Ken March 11, 2019
Attendance: Scott Swan
Split Club: Rene Rebmann
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine Master: Pat Griffin
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Chuck led us in signing “When Irish Eyes are smiling”. That really hurt. Chuck wanted to do another, patriotic song. Nevertheless, we made sure that didn’t happen. Chuck I hope the swelling above your eye has subsided.
We had no guests. Donna began the announcements by fining herself for not welcoming Art back last week. Art has been out for health reasons. Great to have you back Art. There will be a Rotary Summit 4/6 at NCCC. Please visit our district website to register. Audrey will have a full Wine Event committee meeting Thursday 3/28 at Jovi’s. Some may stay after for dinner if you’re interested. Holly has been tied up so Audrey and Renee are stepping up to sell sponsorships. Sue will take the art work for the ads. Let’s all try and help out. Gary procured Webster’s Kitchen, 110 Webster St., NT, at 6:00 as our next social event for March 30. $75.00 / person which will include 4 course dinner with wine pairing. We need 30 people to breakeven. We are getting close. Pat has signs for our Shred-It event 4/13. Dick has it on facebook. Please like, share and possible comment to boost it. When the timing is right, Dick will pay to boost this event to our defined demographics.
Gary won the split club and Rene missed the Ace. The drawings were out of order. Not sure why we had them before the fine master. Perhaps this is a new habit and you will be fined if you win. If that’s the case, beware of revolution.
Pat Griffin stood in as fine master at the last minute. Pat initially fined anyone $1 who wasn’t here last week. Then in preparation for March Madness, Pat tested us on college basketball trivia.
We did not have a speaker again today. We are trying to get speakers. Please let us know if you have anyone that would like to present. Donna spoke to Kevin Crosby regarding the Tonawanda satellite club. They meet every other Thursday at Billegan’s at 7:30. And finally, Buffalo Rotary is having a trade show as an event 4/18 at 5:30.
Meeting adjourned.