The Ken March 19, 2018
Attendance: Bill Brucker
Split Club: Dick Hanaburgh
Invocation:  Mike Austin
Fine master:  Ed Markarian
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting with the Pledge followed with “America”. Mike Austin gave the invocation. Mike asked that remember past Rotarian Garden Tresh who passed away this week.
Guests today were our speaker Gina Burkhardt, Gabe Maldacena visiting from Amherst East and Scott Swan, just a nice guy that wanted to know what Kenmore Rotary is all about.
Tom asked sponsor Pat Griffin to come up with our newest member Joe Suppa. Tom inducted Joe to a brotherhood that is worldwide. I know Joe will get a lot out of our Rotary club.
Tom announced that our Town Supervisor, Joe Eminger was meeting with Kevin Crosby regarding a startup of a new Rotary Club in Tonawanda. There will be a meeting March 26 at 5:30. Place TBD. There was some interest from the membership to perhaps get them to join our club. We will have a presence at their meeting to inquire into the details.
Larry introduced Mark Falzone. Mark is a Rotaract member and a UB graduate. Mark has been to Tanzania and is interested in going back to research projects the Rotaract clubs and Rotarians can participate in. Mark needs 10K to swing this. There was good discussion. Even our speaker suggested a Crown Funding Link.
Chuck promoted his Gift Gathering Party. They are offering a smoked pork tenderloin with al the fixins. It looks to be a good crowd building. Rick Graham is asking for 18 bottles of wine for the wine cooler. Bring them to the meeting or to Chucks and Rick will collect them. Rick is 1K short on sponsors so please combine forces and sponsor a table. And lastly, we need baskets. Rick suggested that we publish the baskets to give members ideas.
Gabe asked to announce Amherst East’s mix and mingle 3/22 at 6:00 at Risotto’s. Gabe invited Mark Falzone as his guest and asked him to bring any other Rotaract with him.
Eddie took the floor and concluded the Armenian Raffle, We were a little short but Eddie said he’ll work it out. Most likely the drawing will be next week. Eddie concluded with Mack questions.
Scott Swan won the split club and Jim Logan missed the Ace with a full deck.
Paul introduced our speaker, Gina Burkhardt, president and CEO of Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology, BCAT. BCAT is a place of hope and opportunity, offering after-school arts programs and adult vocational training. Currently they are training in the field of pharmaceuticals. She encouraged any of us to stop out and mingle. Unfortunately many of the students are African American and are not familiar seeing friendly Caucasian adult males. Gina was a great speaker and very encouraging.
Meeting adjourned