The Ken March 25, 2019
Attendance: Rene Rebmann
Split Club: Scott Swan
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine Master: Holly
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Kathy led us in a fine rendition ofteh National Anthem. Rene welcomed our only guest today, Scott Dermeyer. Scott is a friend of Ted and is a DJ. Mike Ford is changing the date of the membership / social to 4/30 at Jovi’s. Bring a potential member and they get a free drink. Holly gave us an update on the Wine Event. All going well. Please help out filling the sponsorships. Think of your vendors who sell to you regularly. Perhaps they have a budget for this purpose. Also, we only have 9 baskets with a goal of 30 - 40 needed. Larry has the Rotaract kids, ages 15 – 18 attending a Slap Shot retreat the first week end in May. Contact Larry if you know of a young person that would like to be involved with this tremendous group. Larry thanked us for the past issues of The Rotarian. Keep them coming. Dick has Shred It under control for 4/13 between 10:00 – 2:00. Donna has lawn signs. Please get them and promote this event. Donna also mentioned the Rotary Summit has been canceled. Gary can use a couple more attendees for the social at Webster’s Kitchen Saturday night. Cathy mentioned the Ken – Ton Chamber of Commerce is recognizing those who go out of their way to help others, May 18. If you know of a good deed done or just someone who is always ready to help, contact Cathy.
Phil won the split club and Art missed the Ace.
Holly stepped up as fine master. Rick confessed to being with 900 kids somewhere. And that he is scheduled to be on the ship that was caught in the storm off Norway this week. Mike Ford confessed to a Splash Lagoon retreat, a football event he was in and that his position at Elderwood was cut. Mike is now a free agent. I am sure with the talents he has shown with his involvement in our club, this won’t last long. Good luck pale. Ron Levea was in Florida scooping out the baseball teams and followed some of the PGA tournaments. While away, Ron’s granddaughter won the balance beam in the NY state gymnastics and came in 2nd place all around. Ron, that is huge!! Phil is taking his Brenda to Italy for their 25th anniversary so he put in the $16 dollars   he won from the split club.  He was told that was not allowed so he took it back and paid $20 happy dollars. Larry spoke to Amherst Rotary about the Interact program. Mike A. has Madison doing high jump in May. Holly tabled her spring questions because we ran out of time.
Phil came up and presented his hobby of coining. April 21-27 is National Coining week. Phil started coining as a young boy. He found an odd coin and was attracted ever since. We are coming up to the Great American coin drop. This is where the rare coins are put back into circulation. Rather casually, the coiners will just buys things and pay for them with rare coins. Just as an attempt to excite someone into this fun hobby. Phil passed around several coins from his collection. It was real neat to see what we just take for granted. There appear to be many layers to another one of our Rotarian brothers.
Meeting adjourned.