The Ken March 12, 2018
Attendance: Ron Levea
Split Club: Damon Piatek
Invocation:  John Coogan
Fine master:  Ed Markarian
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Tom began our meeting with the Pledge followed with “America”. John Coogan gave the invocation. John asked to remember Reverend Don Garrett, a past Rotarian who passed away. John also asked that we keep Gary Roberts in our thoughts as he is having a heart procedure done.
Guests today were Scott Swan of Lakeshore Savings Bank, Your honorable Pat Mang, Kenmore Mayor, Jerry Ushold, Town of Tonawanda Chief of Police, and paramedic Mike Baumgartner.
Announcements: First of all there will not be a meeting next week, the day after Easter. Dick has Shred It running well. We have 3 trucks this time. Please help out 4/21 directing traffic and ushering the cars through. Larry is working on the signs. Kevin Hardwick tagged us on Facebook. Dawn will be having another Wine Event committee meeting shortly. We are in desperate need of gift baskets and nice bottles of wine to fill the cooler with. We also need sponsors. Please pair up to fill the tables. Chuck needs your reservation for his basket gathering party so he knows how many smoked pork tenderloins to procure. Tom reported on Kevin Crosby’s progress on setting up a satellite Rotary Club in Tonawanda. There was some concern that they might delete our pool of members but Counsel Ed reminded us that it is our duty to sponsor them. It benefits everyone when there are more clubs. Once they get 8 members they can get their own charter. Rick has 4/28 as our day at the Buffalo museum (I assume that is the Science Museum). One caveat was that we need to show our Rotary membership card. Many of us have no idea where their cards are. Art to the rescue. He will make cards for everyone. State Assemblyman Robin Schimminger sent us a thank you for all we do in the community. Sue J is having an event 4/28 in the parking lot at Kenmore Mercy Hospital between 10-2. I apologize but I didn’t get what the event was so Sue if you can shoot me the details I can email the membership.
Ed took the floor to assess fines. Rick Graham confessed that his grandson got into a prep school and is doing great in a sport (I better not sit by the kitchen door, anytime Jen wheels in and out I can’t hear a thing). Paul paid $2 for National Pie Day. Paul is proud that his niece graduated from the culinary program at NCCC and took a job at Park Country Club. Mike Austin’s daughter, a sophomore in High School, is on the 4 x 100 relay in track. Donna had a great time at the Rotary Leadership Institute. Ron is back from scouting the baseball teams in FLA. Chuck won a tall tales award from Toastmasters. Larry fined himself because he wasn’t here to meet his guest Scott. Damon was in Baltimore. Eddie quizzed us on more Mac questions. Next Ed drew the winner of the Armenian Raffle. The winner is Jim Logan who wins a $200 gift certificate to Jovi’s
Phil M. won the split club and Mayor Mang missed the Ace
Tom presented $1500 to the Paramedics and Town Police department. Jerry and Mike thanked us and explained that the money will go to purchasing Active Shooter Kits. These kits are filled with tourniquets, special gauze and gels to stop the bleeding in the event of a mass shooting. There are also instructions included. This team will come to any organization and train you on how you can help in these situations. Come to think of it, this might be the event Sue is hosting at KMH.
Paul Chisolm introduced Pat Mang our town Mayor. Pat gave us a state of the town update. The Town board is made up of the Mayor and 4 trustees. Their salaries are minimal. They are part time. The population is 15,500. The budget is $18M. 25 Policeman, 34 public workers, 19 part time ?Fireman (Jen came through the door again). This year they will be milling the streets, doing sewer work, installing remote water meters, engineering the west side of Elmwood, making it more more pedestrian friendly and harvesting many trees. Lastly, Pat most likely will take down the water tower. The tower hasn’t been used in 20 years and it is extremely expensive to paint. This was a tremendous update on our Town which is one of the last full service towns in America,
Meeting adjourned