The Ken March 4, 2019
Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh
Split Club: Scott Swan
Invocation: Chuck Patterson
Fine Master: Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
 We started our meeting today with the Pledge. Chuck led us in “God Bless America”. Chuck also gave the invocation. There were no guests today.
Announcements. Gary would like us to start thinking about another couples event. He’s thinking about a cooking class that he’s had is eye on. There was good interest throughout the group so Gary will get more details. Pat, Audrey and Donna attended the Rotary District Regional meeting last week end at the Marriot. Donna’s seminars were a little off. Better for new members. Pat said his was great. A big concern was retaining members. Pat suggested that we make up at other meetings to see what ideas we can scam. Audrey was going to meet with Pat, Mike Ford and Larry to go over how to develop something. I didn’t catch what they’re developing. Audrey also mentioned that she, Rene and Holly are going to the Williamsville wine event to spy. Dick was holding a brief Shred-It meeting after today’s meeting.
Mike Ford took over as the Fine Master.  He first took confessions. Paul Chisolm was immediately fined for trying to covey Holly’s wishes that Mike’s topic would be on women’s accomplishments in light of this being Woman’s month. Audrey paid $6 to fine Tom. I was find for miss spelling. Cathy P and husband Mike went to Sweden this summer for her niece Hali and Joachim Siettengrens wedding. The Siettengrens’ recently came to Michigan for a family reunion and announced they are expecting. No joakim. Mike then tested our knowledge about famous Women throughout History.
Gary won the split club and Pat missed the Ace.
We did not have a speaker today so we just chatted. Kathy asked about the progress of our Charter Club “Rotary Club of Tonawanda’s” We are not sure so we are looking into this and will report back. Donna will bring our Rotary flags in to pass out. They are nice to have in case we attend a meeting out of our area. Larry still needs past issues of The Rotarian.
Meeting adjourned.