Posted by Jeff Markarian
The Ken March 5, 2018
Attendance: Art Traver
Split Club: Damon Piatek
Invocation:  John Coogan
Fine master:  Ed Markarian
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Our meeting today was a dual effort from President Elect Donna DiFrancessco and Tom. Donna was a natural, however she took a mulligan on the gong. We gave our Pledge and Chuck led us in a great rendition of “God Bless America”.  John gave the invocation.
Guest were Kathleen Nightingale, our speaker and Mike Ryan from the Buffalo Rotary club. Mike has 38 years perfect attendance.
Announcements: Rick needs sponsors for the Wine Event. You can pair up with someone. We are down from last year. The brochures will go out soon. Our large auction item is an 18 bottle wine cooler. We need nice bottles of wine to fill that up with. The wine cooler is purchased by us. A large portion of the funds used to buy the cooler come from the Armenian raffle. Eddie will start that Monday. 50 numbers at $10 each. We’ll continue until all 50 numbers are taken. Then we will draw the winning number for a prize. Gary is looking for silent auction items to raffle off at the Wine Event.
Chuck and Mary Kate’s gift basket gathering party is taking off. April 6 at 5:30. Smoked tenderloin and many other goodies. Rick has April 28 set for the Science Museum tour. Details to follow. Dick was having a Shred-It meeting after today’s meeting. Larry would like any lawn signs left behind brought to Monday’s meeting.
Without any more announcements Eddie took the gavel to access fines. Art was fined first for a fake welcome to see Eddie. Tom and Donna for a bad gong. Donna, I saw the whole thing. Tom clearly disrupted your back hand as he was hovering over you. Chuck was away in Mexico but was exempt from fine for hosting the Gift gathering party. Art confessed that he did not give Mike Ryan back his change for lunch. Eddie proceeded to quiz us on March Madness questions.
Jim Logan won the split club and guest Mike Ryan missed the Ace.
Donna asked Mike Ford to introduce our speaker Kathleen Nightingale. Kathleen was in banking working for Wells Fargo analyzing numbers, until she realized she really enjoyed analyzing minds. She change careers. Wrote a book “Lose the Diet” and grew a nice company helping others with stress, anxiety and a multitude of issues. Her card reads “Feeling stuck, worried or lacking clarity? Help has arrived”. Kathleen has helped people from addiction to changing careers to improving their golf game. I took many of her cards and already passed them all out. Great program. Kathleen has a passion for Mustangs and she shed a little light on the demise of the beautiful animals out west. She asked us to contribute her $50 to a “save the horses” charity.
Meeting adjourned