The Ken May 20, 2019

Attendance: Sue Jandzinski

Split Club: Audrey Meyers

Fine Master: Paul Chisolm

Invocation: John Coogan

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

It was good to be back on our home field. Donna began our meeting with the Pledge. We embarrassed ourselves with an “I know what I’m doing but really didn’t version of “Oh Canada” in honor of our guest speaker today. She is Cathy Henry and her husband Dr. David Henry of the St. Catherine’s Rotary Club. Fiona Barretto and Matt Dewitt were our other guests.Donna announced that the Kenmore Tonawanda Rotary Club is now a charter club. Their president, Chris Pilozzi, who has been a guest here several times suffered a stroke. Her husband is filling in for her as president but would love some help if anyone could contact them to help run a meeting or 2. They meet at the Billegan’s Cafe on Niagara Street in Tonawanda every other Thursday morning. Gary Roberts is trying to get the installations of officer’s party off the ground. Details to follow. Mike Ford had Dan Wiles contact him to help out with the service organizations day at Sheridan golf course July 15. We need to cover from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Audrey thanked everyone for their support for the Wine Event. Final accounting will be done but she is expecting to Net over $12K. There will be a debriefing in July while it’s fresh on our minds to make any adjustments for next year. Riverside Park cleanup day was held last week. Audrey lined up Kenmore West Students to meet at 9:00. They got an over view of the Olmsted Park system then chipped in to clean up a baseball diamond to be ready for games that evening. Larry is asking for RYLA applications. The week long leadership camp is coming up quick, June 9-15 at Fredonia. Dr. Dave thanked us for having him and extended a welcome to his club in St. Catherin’s.

Paul C took the reins as fine master today. First fine was for all who missed the student recognitions the last 2 weeks. Confessions – Mike Ford was in Disney for a vacation. Audrey and Chris were in S. Dakota for business and pleasure. Audrey exchanged flags with their club. Cathy Piciulo attended a theme costume birthday party and won a best costume for a murder mystery theme. Holly’s son Will was getting an award at Ben Franklin. She also confessed to being quoted in Discover Card ad. Lastly, Holly blew in Paul on a particular matter and gave Paul a chance to tell his side of the story. Pat Griffin mentioned an article in “The Rotarian” about Niagara Falls. Pat added that he and Karen went to see the Tubes at the Riv.

Mike Austin won the split club and Chuck missed the Ace.

Larry came up to introduce our speaker Cathy Henry. Unfortunately it was already 1:15 and I could tell she was anxious to get to her program. Cathy with help from Fiona gave a strong push for our involvement with the Trees That Feed the World Foundation. They want to plant fruit Trees, mainly breadfruit trees in 17 Countries. The trees are an incredible source of nutrients and bare a lot of fruit to feed so many of the people in these undernourished countries. Let’s keep this project in the forefront and an incentive as we continue our fundraising events. Learn more at .

Meeting adjourned