The Ken May 21

Attendance: Dick Hanaburgh

Split Club: Bob Blatz

Invocation: Rick Graham

Fine Master: Art Traver

The Ken: Jeff Markarian

Tom began our meeting with the Pledge followed with Chuck leading us in “God Bless America”. Rick Graham gave our invocation and asked that we keep the Elwell family in our prayers as Mary has passed away. You never met a greater family. A family that illustrates the meaning of humanity. I personally have been touched by Gordy and Mary throughout my life. Guests today were Bill Mueller, Frankie Mercado, Jack Stoerr and Griffin Jones, our speaker. Scott Swan is still listed as a guest but he’s one of us now. Tom will let Donna decide if we want to help out the local civic clubs 7/17/18 at Sheridan for the annual hole in one contest. I’m sure we will so we’ll need people to cover the table. Details to follow.

Rick Graham started our announcements with a commentary about our Wine Event. All good things must come to a head and is it time we re assess the return on sweat equity of this event? Tom announced that there will not be a meeting next Monday in honor of Memorial Day. Gary Roberts wanted a show of hands of attendees at Park CC for the installation of officers’ party 6/28. It appears this will be well attended as it should. Our officers put a lot of time into running our club. We should show our support. Besides we’re a fun group to hang out with. The topic of the stocks came up. The general consensus was probably a good idea cousin Eddie stored them for the year. It could have been awkward if Tom brought a guest to his house and they would be there, marked with many names as if he was a dominant individual and the markings were his submissive conquests. Kind of creepy. Gary also reminded us there will be a 4th of July party in the cemetery. Details to follow.

Tom used a little bit of Shakespeare to introduce our fine master Art. First, confessions. I confessed to the twins graduating Saturday. Emily in Rochester at 9:30 and Ellie from Niagara at 2:00. We pulled it off. Emily was awarded the female career athlete ever from St. John Fisher. Sue J was not to be surpassed. Her son made first team LAX from Baldwin Wallace. Chuck was at Mary Kay’s sons’ wedding in Cancun. Tim Glor confessed to 3 of his nephews were honored to the Hall of Distinction at Kenmore East. Pat Griffin was in Yellowstone. Had a great time. Then he announced that he sold his business. We wish you all the best Pat on your next chapter. Phil contributed some happy dollars for his son’s engagement and that he was ill for Shred It and couldn’t attend. Larry put in some happy dollars for his guests. Art proceeded to quiz us on our Rotary officers.

Jim Logan won the split club and our guest Griffin Jones missed the Ace.

Larry introduced Griffin Jones to present our program. Griffin’s company is Fertility Bridge. I’m not sure about anything Fertility Bridge does. Griffin spent the whole time pumping us up on the opportunities that are here in Buffalo. He is able to live here but conduct business all over the world. He suggests to be specific, narrow in your profession. Learn all there is to know about it and use the internet to put it all together. This kid could sell! I had to leave at 1:35 so cannot report on what Larry was addressing as I left. I’m sure he was introducing the young guests of his perhaps Interact or Rotaract. Sorry Larry.

Meeting adjourned.