The Ken May 6, 2019
Attendance: Ron Levea
Invocation: John Coogan
Fine Master: Mike Ford
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Today’s meeting was at the Paddock Dome where we recognized 6 High School students that earned $750 scholarships from us. Proceeding a delicious cold cut lunch, Donna welcomed our students, their parents and their principals to our weekly meeting. We gave our Pledge to several tiny flags that Donna had the wherewithal to think ahead to bring. John Coogan gave a wonderful invocation. Our Rotarian publicist recommended that we pass on any form of singing for not to scare away unfamiliar ears. Larry introduced Tom Schwob who was a little frazzled as he just had to break up a yogurt fight at his school before coming here to present the awards. Tom got right down to business. It was real neat to hear of the student’s achievements and bio’s from their principals. Going across the page, the recipients were: Erin Watson from MT. ST. Mary’s, John Federice from St. Joe’s, Thomas Appenheimer III from Cardinal O’Hara, Jordan Goodwin from Kenmore West, and Cheyenne Mohr from Kenmore East and lastly, Audrey Steele from CSAT. After the presentations, Larry got up to give a Rotary ra ra. I don’t think I have ever been prouder as a Rotarian, than when Larry introduced Alexis Linck-Entwistle. Alexis a great friend to our Club. She is a UB Rotaract who asked for our help in finding her a place to stay while she attended UB. Larry hooked her up with Pat and Pat set her up in one of his apartments. She told Pat she loved the place but was a tad lonely. Pat advised her to get a cat. Low and behold, the apartment had a fire and Alexis lost everything, including the cat. She surprised us Monday and attended our meeting to thank us for our contributions to getting her back on her feet. As Larry was trying to get the essence as what being a Rotarian is to the parents and administrators attending, Alexis gave a heartfelt thank you, showing all in attendance, first, what we do. With our contributions, we resurrected a broken spirit. I can tell you there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Another grand meeting.