The Ken May7
Attendance: Art Traver
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
Today we had High School Student recognition at the Dome so we broke protocol. Tom started out by welcoming all the families, advisors and students.
We conducted a little Rotary business. Audrey gave a final rally for the Wine Event Wednesday. I’m embarrassed to say I dropped off a basket to Mike Austin’s office today. Oh well, it’s ready for next year. We all want to keep brother Joe Starck in our prayers. Joe had a couple of stints put in and is recovering. Carol, let us know if there is anything you need.
President Tom asked Tom Schwob to present the awards. We give out 6 students scholarships in the amount of $750 for their exemplary efforts in school and community service.
The recipients are:
Lily Stafford from Mount St. Mary
Nathan Kohler from St. Joe’s
Elijah Blumberg from Kenmore West
Emily Caruana from Kenmore East
Alyssa Kolacz from Cardinal O’Hara
Lilly Gleason from the Charter School for Applied Technology
Tom had Larry come up to give a pep talk on what Rotary does for the community and around the world. He said that the United Nations is made up of 193 Sovereign states, The Red Cross and Rotary.  Pretty impressive way to get the crowds attention. I hope that is true. Nevertheless, Larry chewed their ears until 1:30 .
Meeting adjourned.