Attendance: Ron Levea
Split Club: Shari Mcdonough
Invocation: Gary Roberts
Ken Writer: Jeff Markarian
Finemaster: Jim Prichard
The Ken - November 2
  It was nice of Paul to wait for Larry to get here before starting the meeting at 12:45. I was just glad to see there was food left. Pork tenderloin and green beans that were cooked to perfection. Of course we gave our Pledge and sang “God Bless America” started off by Bryden.
  Gary gave our invocation with special prayers for my dad who entered into Hospice that morning. Dad passed away Wednesday. He suffered with Alzheimer’s and is now at peace.
  Our guest today was Dick Earne from Grand Island. Dick told us that we were instrumental in Grand Island getting a Rotary Club.
  Bryden announced he would like to have a quick charities committee meeting after today’s meeting. Scott also wanted to meet with his team to finalize Shred-It.
  Jim Prichard was our fine master today. Jim proceeded to confess that he was quoted in the paper that the Riviera sold out Rocky Picture Horror Show in 1 hour. Ted confessed to celebrating his 50th birthday with Janel in Toronto at the Paul McCartney concert, Joe Starck was a bachelor for 2 weeks. He announced that Carol lost her credit card in Singapore but didn’t report it because the guy who stole it spent less than Carol. Larry confessed that it was great to have his friend Dick Earne here. They always pale around while at RI functions.
  Jim tested us on our trivia of firsts. I forgot the significance of why firsts, but there was one.
We had fun and raised some doe rae me.
  Our program today was Jim Prichard and myself. We want to kick start our representation on social media. I pledged to Jim that if he was putting his expertise and knowledge attracting people to our website, that I would make sure they landed on an updated, interesting site. RI has lots of media I can choose from to let the public know what they are up to. Jim suggest we all download the Flickr ap to our devices to show the public what we are up to locally. Flickr allows anyone in our club to upload images directly to our site. So visitors will see a slide show of Cradle Beach, operation Santa, sailing outings, golf events…you get the picture. Our username is and Password is Chisolm1926. But stay tuned on that because I wasn’t able to log in. However we will get to the bottom of it.
  Audrey suggest that we download the Clubrunner app from the app store. You use the same Clubrunner username and password to get on. I did, and it’s wonderful. It is like having the old roster in your pocket. I think we will be benefit with these implementations.
Thank you.