The Ken November 5, 2018
Attendance: Scott swan               
Split Club: Bill Brucker    
Invocation: Tim Glor
Fine Master: Paul Chisolm
The Ken: Jeff Markarian
We began our meeting promptly with the Pledge and Cathy led us in singing “God Bless America”. Tim Glor gave our invocation. Guests today were, our friend Fiona from Amherst Rotary and our speaker Eli Ortiz. Audrey invited everyone to attend the first Wine Event planning meeting today at Jovi’s at 5:30. I attended the meeting and we have an enthusiastic, large committee under super leadership of Holly, Rene and Audrey. Donna has the date of November 30 as our Christmas Party at Park Country Club. 6:00. No meeting 11/12/18 in honor of Veterans Day. Rick Graham has applications for applicants wishing for contributions from our foundation. Finally, Larry is working on sending a student abroad via Rotary Youth Exchange. We would have to take a student for a school year in return. Detail’s to follow as they become available.
Paul stepped up as fine master. Tim Glor confessed to a trip to Hawaii he and Jacquie took. Ron took a trip to Arizona. Mike Austin confessed to Bella’s missing out on the final in her cheerleading contest. But also confessed that Debbie and the kids requested his presence to a cat birthday party. Mike, don’t you have standing excuses ready in your wheelhouse for just these circumstances. You can always use me. Tell her I just called and am in a ditch and you need to get me out, otherwise you would love to come. Paul find Sue for bribing him during lunch. Paul took Audrey’s last dollar for something and I was fined for not being able to put a top on the name tag box. I was fined again for telling him I only know how to take tops off. Paul went around the room asking what happened on today’s date in history.
Mike Ford won the split club and Rick Graham missed on the Ace.
Our scheduled speaker, John Boronkay, had to cancel at the last minute. But Donna was able to bring one of her colleagues in, Eli Ortiz. Eli is a missionary for “Light of the World Church”. He went to Church one Day in Mexico and they talked about how many people throughout the world have buildings and people interested in Christianity but no one to teach. He went home, packed up his stuff, wife and children and went to Texas. From there he was called to go to Vermont. Finally they needed someone here so off again he went. His disposition and positive outlook on life and his faith made these moves tolerable. He was asked how he gets people to join his congregation. Eli sometimes has to go door to door. So often people are interested in talking to him. He and his wife made Mexican rice pudding in the streets and people came from all over. This was another great program pulled from the hat.
Meeting adjourned